Stand Up Words and Phrases : Bomb / Bombing

comedian-bombing-on-stageBombing is one of the toughest things about stand up. Bombing has been defined as “to perform a comedy show which gets no or few laughs” according to the article, “Comedy Terms and Phrases” by Brett Vincent. (

The articles definition is true. Bombing is basically telling jokes and it not going so well. Sometimes bombing can be a tragic experience for comedians and for others it can be a learning experience (but still pretty sad). Every comedian has bombed. No matter how famous they are, they have bombed. its a very common thing in stand up. Some comedians say that you aren’t a “real comedian” until you’ve bombed.

Here’s an article about some very well-known comedians and there thoughts on bombing, featuring Louis C.K., Patrice O’Neal, Anthony Jeselnik, and Zach Galfianakis.

This article is from by Josh Matusak. This website is very informal on stand up life (especially in New York, hence the title).

Here’s a video from the hit sketch show “Key and Peele” on bombing. This is the basic idea of what bombing is like.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Everyone in our group has bombed. It wasn’t fun but we all move on and learn from it for the next time we hit the stage.