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Mililani (Millie)

Hello, my name is Mililani but most call me millie. I am a passionate film maker that is currently a student at Expression College for digital arts. I always had a passion for movies and decided to create my own stories that can influence others for the better. I decided to attend Expression College because I knew it would give me the knowledge and resources to achieve my dream- a great film director.  I only want to succeed in this great program and hope to inspire others along the way.

What I Do...

Birth Name: Jonathan Emanuel Herrera Ramirez

Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Moved to the Bay Area at age 4. Raised in Marin County California.


I'm a simple but strange individual

The easiest way to explain me is to portray a visual,

With these figures humans tend to call letters to communicate through a written language,

I will attempt to paint a watercolor painting that shows vividly who I am.

First of all if you didn’t already notice, this is a poem, I am a poet or better yet, attempt to be.

I tend to call myself  a weird intellectual wannabe.

When I start to combine words I feel like I’m gone into another dimension.

They say the sky’s the limit then why am I flying past our galaxy.

I try to sound sophisticated using words so insalubriously ill.

Still I’m from the Bay so I say hella, hella times in a day.

I’m a rap fan that tends to rap and clap hands to flows so dope it makes stoners sober

Game over.

Savannah Rios

I’ve been making my own stories and characters since about 2009. It started when my cousin showed me an anime called Soul Eater. At first, I only made fairy characters, I don’t know why, and then I started making fighters, spellcasters, and wolves. I slowly started making a story and then began making multiple ones at once.

I love anime and manga a lot and it’s one of the reasons why I got into Game Arts and Design. Some anime that I watch are Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Inuyasha, Maid-sama, Black Butler, and RWBY; which some people don’t think it’s an anime, but I think it is. Some Manga I’ve read are Alice 19th, Kitchen Princess, Princess Lala, Vampire Knight, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Aishiteruze Baby, Tokyo Mew Mew, Kingdom Hearts, and Dengeki Daisy. There are more anime and manga that I’ve watched, but I can’t remember them. I’ll probably add them on later if I remember them.

Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy were another reason why I wanted to go into Game Arts and Design. I really liked how the Kingdom Hearts graphics were and then after finding out that some of the characters were in another game peeked my interest. I fell in love with Final Fantasy’s graphics, I wanted to learn how they made their characters and their landscapes. It was really amazing and beautiful to see.

Monty Oum became another reason for me going into Game Arts and Design. His characters, in RWBY, are amazing. Each character had their own style of hair, outfit, and weapons. The designs of each weapon and how they worked were very interesting.

Julien Delgado








I was born on October 28th, 1994 in Norwich, Connecticut, and I'm the second born of three children. I have an older sister, and a younger sister. I was raised in Houston, Texas until I was 17. I then moved to California and started living in the East Bay area. Ever since I was a small child, I wanted to make movies, and now I'm on my way to fulfilling my dream of becoming a successful, well known director.