This was onset for our music video called "Thoughts From Above". the videos and lyrics were composed by our team and it was to go in depth on what some of us would say to our loved ones if we passed away. i love this video because it shows people that you should give love to your loved ones because anything can happen to anyone, what would your last words be?




Performing for a peace rally for our high school.


Here are the members of T.I.G.H.T. after a Halloween performance we had in the community so our people can hear what we have to say.

<img src="http://students.expression.edu/mikesmitFB_IMG_1474491475051_resized

My Brother and I on our acting hype backstage before our talent show performance.

A Beat by Dream Field

The producer who made most of our early songs plus mix and mastered them better than most producers who make millions of dollars. This is a beat he made using a vocal sample from another song and made it sound groovy. This guy is also one of my closest friends and i appreciate his dedication and work ethic to the music world.

Hands Up Drugs Down by iSpit

This was the first music video we did as a group, we performed it at middle schools in Oakland. We were apart of a group that encouraged our younger generation to stay away from gangs and drugs. the organization is called T.I.G.H.T. and it stands for Teens Invested in Giving Hope to Teens. We did a full musical with acting and hip-hop music that we composed ourselves, it was a great experience.

Moving to Fast by Ispit

iSpit performed this song for talent shows and other programs like T.I.G.H.T. and Youth 4 Peace. I lost my voice previous to this song  and we had a talent show coming up so we had to get the song done in time and my voice had just came back, felt like a 007 mission but it was dope.

Hello world!

• Who are you?
-I go by Mike-D and I’m 23 years young. Born and raised in San Francisco, I’m Black and Puerto-Rican and i have a 2 year old son.
• What brings you to Ex’pression College?
-I want to see how far i can push my passions for music and film, find a way to combine multi-talented actors in one video and produce my own kind of visual art in a way no one has ever seen before.
• What drives you creatively?
-my life has a way of expressing different patterns and what i mean by that is sometimes i have an urge to write lyrics because of certain events that occur but its never consistent. It so happens that when I am in a turmoil-sports seems to take over for a while but at the same time it’s still never consistent but only because I get injured quite a bit and I’m forced to express myself in a different manner. I respect all talents that people have and its even more exciting to see multi-talented people show off their abilities. I want to expand my knowledge in both music and acting industries so i can run the world! duh..
• What would you like to be doing ten years from now?
– I see myself being the CEO of my own Industry that creates a new brand of visual art that brings you different compilations of actors who can express themselves in all their different talents. I want to own my own longboard shop that creates crazy kinds of longboards.
• What are your biggest influences?
-Everyone is my influence, my son, my friends and family,the beautiful city i was born in, the strangers i see on bart, the people i ride pass on the streets, my enemies , my failures and successes and most of all God.
• What do you create?
I create hip-hop music but soon i will learn to create a different genre of film and different style longboards cuz.