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As I go from pub to pub and try new beers I wanted to start rating them and give a description of each one. Although I might do this within various post I wanted a page that would put them all together in one easy to find place. Please keep in mind that the ratings and serving style are based off of the brewpubs or tap rooms from the breweries that make the beer.

Pacific Coast Blue Whale Ale 7.0 ABV

Silver metal winner in 1989 Great American Beer Festival

Brewed with centennial and dry-hopped

This is a dark ale with amber highlights. Poured with about an inch of head on it. Full bodied and refreshing with a dry finish. It has a bit of a kick to it being 7.0 %. It is a bit piny with a hint of citrus but fairly hoppy which I enjoy but can turn some people off.

Overall 7

Serving Style: On tap

Pacific Coast Grey Whale Ale 5.5 ABV

Bronze Metal Winner in 1991 Great American Beer Festival

Brewed with Chinoock, Nugget, Perle Willametta hops

The Grey Whale is basically a lesser version of the Blue Whale. It is a medium color still with some amber highlights and poured with a much smaller head. It has a wheat flavor with a bit of a citrus backing to it. It is a little over carbonated which takes away from the  Overall 5.5                                                          already weak flavor. I would recommend this  Serving Style: On Tap                                      to someone who is just starting to like beer                                                                                   but doesn’t want something to strong.

Pacific Coast Killer Whale Stout 5.5 ABV

Silver Metal Winner at 1990 Great American Beer Festival

The Killer Whale Stout is a very dark beer with a hint of red if held up to the light. It is a good pour with a thick creamy bagie head. It has a smooth malty taste with a nice bitter dark chocolate back. This is a great example of what a stout should be.

Overall 7.5

Serving Type: Nitro Tap

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