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We live in a mecca of food and beverage that is envied by most people in the world. Growing up in this area I have experienced some of the best that the area has to offer. Expressions is a school that people travel from all over to attend and a lot of people may not know where to go for a good beer. In this blog I want to show people some of the better places I have found as well as share some of my knowledge about beer and the processes that the microbreweries go through.

When people think about buying locally most people think of their produce and meat. However there is one item that almost everyone consumes and little thought is gone into where it comes from. This product is beer. Right now you can walk into almost any grocery store and see a United Nations of beer and yet not many people take into consideration how far that beer traveled to get there. It used to be that if you wanted a good beer you wanted one from Ireland, Germany, or Belgium. With microbreweries on the rise we now have access to beers that are not only comparable to and arguably better than the best that the European nations can offer but it traveled less than five hundred miles to get there. Microbreweries not only allow you to enjoy a fantastic brew but also let you support your local economy. Next time your at the local pub or at the grocery store pick up a local brew and experience the flavor and attitude that go into those small batches of beer. Cheers!

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