St. Patty’s Day Massacre

Something that you may or may not know about Lagunitas is that they have a reputation for being pot heads. I don’t know if it’s true or not but either way they have that reputation. On Saint Patrick’s Day 2005, a day they would live in infamy the Saint Patrick’s Day massacre took place. Every year on St. Patty’s day Lagunitas has a huge party where people who work there as well as anyone else who wants to join is encouraged to come by and have some beers. Well because of Lagunitas reputation some undercover cops tried to infiltrate the party in order to buy weed from the employees. Although lots of weed was there the undercover cops were only offered it and never charged so there was really no crime. The only thing that the cops did get them on was some underage kids who had managed to steal a few beers from the back. Although that should only be a minor infringement due to their rep. the cops shut down the brewery for 30 days. Because of this event Lagunitas not only throws a bigger party every year but they also honor the police officers by brewing a special beer called Under Cover Shut Down which is a particularly bitter beer.

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