Russian River

I have been going to Russian River Brewing Comp. since before I was even allowed to drink and there is a reason for that. The first time I ever went there I went with some friends that were 21. The reason we went here instead of a normal bar is because I wasnt and even if they carded me for tying to buy a beer the place is open for anyone so they would not kick me out. I was instently hooked on this place and have continued to go back since. Like Ale Works this brewery is located in Santa Rosa but if your in the area it’s a must visit. It’s also a local favorite so it is busy most of the time and slammed from 6pm on, even more on Friday and Saturday.

I went there on a Saturday evening but knowing how busy it gets I reserved a table. Russian River has one of my all time favorite beers Pliney the Elder so that is what I usually get. This time however I decided to get the sampler which comes with up to 20 4oz tasters depending on availability. I wouldn’t recommend getting it unless you are a huge fan of beers and Belgium beers imparticular. Russian river makes a lot of different beers and half of them are made in a Belgium style which tend to be on the sour side, and Russian river is a perfect example of a sour Belgium. One of their beers Supplication I would compare to orange juice. However all of their American style beers which consist of Ales, Stouts and, IPA’s are fantastic. Like I said my favorite beer they serve is Pliny the Elder. Pliny the Elder is a double IPA which normally would be very strong and it is as far as percentage of alchohl but it is very much on the light side. I would compare drinking a Pliny to drinking a heavy Stella. A few of their other good beers are the Blind Pie, OVL stout, and Damnation which is also a stout.

What sets Russian River apart from the other brewpubs that are around is their food. Russian River serves Italian food so only a few sandwiches but mainly pizza. Although their pizza is amazing it’s a little on the pricy side so I do not tend to get it very often. What is the selling point is their bites. They bites are little pieces of pizza dough with cheese and a topping usually jalapenos, pepperoni, or pepperoncini. They only cost around seven dollars and can easily be split between two people. Keep in mind if you do get the jalapeno bites be prepared to buy a couple of pints because they have some heat. The one bad thing I have to say about Russian River is their service sucks. If you are going for just a beer the bar is usually packed and if you want food be prepared to wait. This isnt a bad thing in my opinion because Russian River is not a place to go on your lunch break, it is a place to go with friends hang out and relax. I would not recommend going their for an hour grab some friends and go spend a couple of hours there. The good food and drinks will more than keep you busy but usually they have a live band to add to the experience.


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