• Well, here it is folks. Our final video on how we do our own Stencil Art.
    Watch it and let me know what you guys think!

    One Shot
    One Shot is a side scrolling platforming game that involves a few puzzle elements in it. You play as a cop (currently unnamed) who at the beginning of the game is shot and left for dead by his […]

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    Best and Worse UI
                    One of the worst User Interfaces I’ve come across in video games would be the 2011 release of EA Sport’s NHL hockey. The menu screen at first seems to be alright, it lays […]

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    Pat Dear
    Average Tuesday: A Working Title
    The story of the game revolves around a college student who has a test the following morning and must decide what to do the night before. The game doesn't […]

  • Pat Dear posted an update 10 years, 4 months ago

    For those students with student websites:
    what is the best web host for Wordpress based site? We have FatCow and it’s kind of lame so we’re looking to switch and would like to know who the students prefer.

  • 1. “DO WORK” – you control the life of a college dude the night before his big final exam. The game starts the evening before and it’s going to be a┬ádecision┬ábased game such as going out the night before or s […]

  • Thumbnail1. My Shower
    This thing, in my opinion, has pretty poor user interface design. At first it seems to be your average, run of the mill shower with the knob divided up into two segments; one to turn the shower on […]

  • Hey everyone I just wanted to say I had an awesome time with everyone this class and I enjoyed seeing the evolution of everybodys game! 

  • Peggle. You say that one word and I get all jelly at the knees – I LOVE THIS GAME. I have it downloaded on my PS3 (both the game AND the Peggle Nights DLC), on my Xbox 360 and on my iPhone. It's that good. For those not familiar what this game is allow me to fill […]

  •   CAUTION Peanut Butter can cause dangerous allergic reactions. Substitute another spread for allergic individuals     MATERIALS 2 butter knives 2 slices of your favorite bread 1 jar of peanut butter 1 jar of jelly   PREPARE TIME: 120 seconds   . 1. Open the peanut butter and jelly jars. 2. Place two slices of bread on a flat surface. 3. Spread peanut butter on one side of a slice of bread […]

  • PC games and console games are different in many ways. Back in the 1990's and into the eary 2000's the games that dominated the console were games like Mario and Zelda and later first person shooters like Halo. PC games were much different, they had invented the first person shooter genre but had games like Myst […]

  • The introduction of early arcade games was, excuse the pun, game changing. Kids were flooding arcades and causing a quarter shortage and the games were so incredibly basic. Pong and Breakout are two very similar games where a player controls a paddle and tries to not let the ball pass by them. In Pong two players go […]

  •   Pat Dear Troy Gardner Title: TBD GAME TYPE: race, eliminate your opponent AVERAGE DURATION: 30 minutes PLAYERS: 2 – 4 MATERIALS: .One 9-sided die .Eight 6-sided die .Three ‘Lieutenants’ per player .One ‘General’ per player .Four ‘Emperor’s Guards’ .One Beast .One game board OBJECTIVE The objective of the game is for the player to their General into the Throne Room, […]

  •  Since the end of the 19th century the development of the modern games share both similiarities to much of the older games as well as becoming their own unique games all around. Basic ideas of capturing your opponents pieces or racing around the board to become to victor seems to have carried through centuries to today […]

  • In card games the graphics on the card have every thing to do with each game, without them they are just thin pieces of card stock. Ever since the earliest card games, going all the way back to China with just three suits, those games were played similar to dominoes signifying that the value on that […]

  • For my game I'll be collaborating with Troy and possibly Nick for the assignment. We are going to create a board game that borrows ideas that I found to be really interesting from the book. The game will be for two-four players (maybe more if depending on how we finally shape the game) and will be […]

  •   The games that came to be in the Medieval period are some of the most popular and influential games to date. Boardgames such as Chess and Backgammon became incredibly popular, Dice and Windmills (later variation known as Tic-Tac-Toe) also springed up. The introduction of these new strategy and chance games really took off and stick around […]

  •   What is a Game?                 Depending on who you ask, a game can be categorized in different ways; if you were you ask myself or my friends we would name things like Mario or Half-Life or any other video games we geek over. Iif you were to ask somebody up in, say, Vancouver, they would probably bring up […]

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