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  • Our introduction will summarize the piece by have people sharing a bit of why they like juggling so much, that they are misunderstood, and that they love meeting with each other.

    The body will bring greater […]

  • The story is becoming more apparent now, but it also demands a more in depth look into the bonds between the individuals at the castro valley juggling club.

    It would help to better explain what social juggling is.  This is a new concept for most.

    People outside of the bay area may not know what a bart station is.

    The introduction needs to better summarize the piece.

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  • There was an odd disconnect between our interviews with Ben, and our interviews with the Castro Valley juggling group.  It would be better to get new footage of Ben with the juggling group.

    Our character introductions were completely missed.  It would be more memorable and a better use of time/space to simply include a person’s name when they first come in.

    The piece overall had the wrong tone and flow.  There wasn’t enough emphasis on why the jugglers love what they do.  Instead, we had an overall negative tone that made jugglers seem more upset than anything.  The section on the joys of community hardly had any impact at all.

    Our audio levels were inconsistent and painful.

    We need tons of B-roll on top of our interviews

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    Intro- Introduce the conflict.  Talk about how most people view juggling.  (Key words are fire and chainsaws.)  If we get good interviews on Tuesday, have people saying these things.

    Body- Talk about how much […]

  • This film focuses on the juggler, specifically Benjamin as our main character, and why he juggles, how it has affected his life, and the community he has found because of it.  This means a focus on dedication and community, and showing jugglers practicing and juggling together.  We will use Benjamin as the voice of the film, as well as getting the input of other jugglers he interacts with.

    We need to find a conflict in our story, a problem that is or needs resolving connected to our main character or the community of jugglers involved.

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    Song I can use for pitch video.


    I posted a request on Reddit to use people’s juggling videos.  People post their new tricks and routines for others to see, and it’s likely I will find a few willing people.


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    Two videos explaining the basics of siteswap in an easy to understand way.



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    It’s not all just about juggling more balls, more complicated patterns, or passing with a lot of people.

    There’s comedy routines, during which the comedian tends to mostly make fun of their own juggling.

    There’s juggling volleyball, which is exactly what it sounds like.

    And.. combat juggling?  Yes, you are both juggling, and trying to mess the other guy up.  I didn’t know it could get so intense.

  • Jugglers call their tools “props.”  The typical props are balls, clubs, and rings.  Juggling records for different props are recorded separately.

    While you can technically juggling anything, once you move outside of the realm of coordinating thrown things it becomes “Object Manipulation.”  Some performers will use odd objects as props.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="247"] Juggling an egg, a bowling ball, and an Apple.  Yes, he can eat the apple like this.[/caption]

    Once you know how to juggle something based on size and weight, other factors don’t make a difference.  If you practice juggling with chainsaws when they are off, or clubs when they are not on fire, why would you suddenly stop catching them by the handle when they are?

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    On Tuesday nights people meet at Castro Valley Bart to juggle together.  I have a class those nights, but this time I arranged to finish my work ahead of time and managed to open up an opportunity to attend.  The attendance was mostly men, with no major age group.  Apparently my friend Ben had told them I was coming ahead of time, as they greeted me by name when I showed up with a camera and skipped introductions entirely.  “You can use photo shop to make us look better, right?” one of them jokingly asks.  They then begin juggling, or rather they try to begin, and drop the clubs a lot.  As with anything you practice, when you try a new trick you are going to fail a lot.  Ben pulls me aside and explains that everyone else there is better than him.  As I watch them perform the man in the black vest certainly proves that, as he seems to be directing everyone else in the pattern.  Nobody minds me taking pictures, and in fact I quickly find myself in the center of the formation!  Being juggled around is a bit confusing.  There are things happening all around you, and you can’t keep up with all the information you can’t see.  They change the pattern a few more times, and then reach their most difficult challenge yet.  One person interchanges clubs with everyone else, while they all move and swap positions.  This exercise had the most drops, but once it got going it was also the most visually impressive.  The meeting started at 7, and people start leaving around 10.  We got a lot of weird looks passing clubs and taking pictures in the dark.

    [gallery ids="100,74,71,72,73,77,81,82,83,84,85,87,90,94,95,99,96,97,101,107,108,109,112,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,128"]

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    Anthony Gatto is widely considered the to be the world’s best juggler.  He made, and still holds several world records, even 5 years after making them.  He has even performed with Cirque Du Soliel

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    Site Swap is the notation used to outline and read juggling tricks.  It is like sheet music for jugglers.

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    “Only twelve?  I’ve heard of more I think.”  Yes, the record is 14 balls but what is considered proper juggling by actual jugglers is not just catching all the balls, but keeping the cycle going for a while.  Seven is considered an excellent number to reach at all, and most have trouble professing with even 3.

  • Hmm… The robe/hat, text, and cross alone make this image very awesome. I know this was a collage, but I think you could make good use of this image as your header without the sign and red/blue logo.

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    40 minute interview

    Long discussion about many aspects of juggling.


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