• 1. Titled “Don’t Die.” It is a side scrolling adventure game where the player follows a story and makes choices. Most decisions are action based, so instead of  choosing dialogue options, the player would decide […]

  • Thumbnailby Donald Bond

    Heavy Rain

    The video game Heavy Rain, by Quantic Dream has a unique user interface that is almost entirely context sensitive. The UI is both interwoven into the game world and is affected by […]

  • Hi everyone,  I didn't get to play everyone's games during the final class, but from the look of it, all looked very fun. The one that I did manage to play was Jason's "jump the shark" game, which was wonderfully cut throat.  Some suggestions that I have for the class is maybe the grading critieria for some of […]

  • My favorite casual game is Flower, an exclusive downloadable title for the Playstation 3 by Thatgamecompany; I am unsure of it's genre.  It requires little skill with the controller, can be played in short bursts, beaten in a little less than an hour, and includes no scoring system or time specific goal whatsoever.  Rather, Flower encourages the player […]

  • 1. Gather ingredients and tools necessary for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (peanut butter, jelly, two slices of bread, butter knife for spreading). 2. Use the butterknife to scoop and spread peanut butter and jelly onto the pieces of bread, taking care not to contaminate each jar. 3. Place the two halves of the sandwich together. […]

  • Key differences between personal computer and console games include the fact that games made for pc's are open specced while console games closed specced, meaning that game developers have to work with the limitations of the technology (memory, processor, etc…) when developing for the consoles, while for the pc, developers can merely increase the specs required […]

  •           Pong was the first video game to reach mass public appeal, earning Atari more money than they expected and spurring numorous clones, one of the more successful ones being Breakout (1976), a single player variant of Pong. Pong and Breakout are both table tennis games, Pong being specfically designed for two player head-to-head battles while […]

  • ThumbnailLifish Board Game Rules *rules underlined are subject to change.   Board Game Pieces:  One circular board with island at the center, a spinner (compass), ship pieces, fish pieces, food tokens, cannon fire pucks, nets (pieces of string with  beads attached to ends). Set Up:  Divide players into two teams (pirates and fishermen), then have each player place their ship anywhere around the island […]

  • Final Proposal          Lifish is a team based battle racing game, where two teams compete to catch giant fish called Lifish that appear throughout the game. The board game sets up a broad yet vague story that invites players to interpret it's meaning while they are engaged in a unique style of gameplay where player input creates […]

  •   One difference that I noticed between the modern game monopoly and early game  backgammon is that the game boards and pieces of backgammon seemed to be more expensive, often being made out of valuable materials probably due to the  target audience the game was generally made for, which were the rich. While  most monopoly boards, pieces, […]

  •   I want to create a board game that sets up a broad yet vague story that invites players to interpret it's meaning while they are engaged in a unique style of gameplay where player input creates the environment they will be fighting and racing on. The gist of the set up is that there is one […]

  •   The Royal game of Ur and Backgammon are both very old board games, the former being around 200 years older at 3000 B.C.E, making it the oldest known board game in the world. Backgammon, however, thought to be derived from the Egyptian game Senat, is "one of the most widespread board games played in the world […]

  •           A Game is what we define it to be. We as human beings give meaning and value to everything we experience and create. Yet something can be meaningful to some and not to others. An example is play and work, which can be used interchangeably, as work for one can be fun for some. But […]

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    Awesome about page Bhavesh! What imaging company did you work for in Hayward?

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    Complementary and elementary my dear boy, red and green, blue and yellow, black and white, quite an exquisite color choice old chap!
    There is a great emphasis in your collage about adding color to an otherwise plain background wall. Nicely done!

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