• by Michael Hanson
    1. Windows 7 Desktop
    First, I like how much space there is left free for the user to utilize as he pleases. The background can be replaced with your own images so you can choose a theme that […]

  • If Farmville and achievements are any indicators, it's obvious to me that today's gaming environment puts an emphasis on sharing progress and developing one's own array of accomplishments to be seen by the world. Since the first score was kept, people have been motivated by competition among as many others as they could. The internet has […]

  • Globalization has played a great role in the development of games around the world. While a few key styles and mechanics to tend to arise in games from different parts of the world, in general, it's easy to find stark differences between early games from around the world. As technology advanced and enabled people to cross greater […]

  • Casual games are games that can be played to some form of completion in one session ranging from a seconds to around an hour. I like casual games because they do not require much in the way of commitment and are often more lighthearted than longer games. One of my favorites is Team Fortress 2. A […]

  • How to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Necessary Equipment: Peanut Butter (preferably in original packaging) Jelly of your favorite type, or the favorite type of your victim–er, guest. (in an easily accessible container. The jelly, not the guest) Bread (made with yeast, preferably the sliced variety) Butterknife (arguable); alternatively, a spoon. Workspace (kitchen counter […]

  • I recently played am MMORPG that came out early this year by the name of DC Universe Online. Developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment, DCUO was originally designed for the Playstation 3, but was also ported for PC. I played the PC version.  The game itself was a joy to play. The game had solid graphics, […]

  • Overlords     The game is a Starcraft 2 Mod, utilizing the fog of war, top-down perspective, and a real-time game engine.     Each Overlord begins the game with 1 point of Energy and a move speed of 1. Overlord Energy is a resource for creating combat units.     Core Mechanics         Each player owns […]

  • Blind Man's Bluff is a poker game wherein each player is dealt one card, which is visible to all players except the player holding the card. After bets are made, the player holding the highest card wins. Texas Hold 'Em is a poker game wherein each player is dealt two cards, and players make hands […]

  •   One from India, the other from China, both these eastern games are meant for two players and played on grid-like boards that symbolize a contested territory. The difference here is that while Chess is played on the spaces between the lines of the grid, Go is played on the intersections of these lines. The most glaring difference […]

  • Games have probably been in existence in various forms for millions of years. Just as puppies play fight with their siblings, no doubt baby dinosaurs rough housed for fun as well. Gaming is an evolutionary advantage. It promotes practice, discipline, competition, and both mental and physical development. The very first games were likely combative games, wherein players […]