Eller Bennett




About Me

Ello. My name is Bennett Eller. I am a class 96 Sound Arts student at Ex’pression College.

Im 22. I went to Folsom Lake College for 2+ years, and I am finally all done with that! Now I am a student at Ex’pression College of the Digital Arts. I started in September and it’s been pretty fun so far.
I am incredibly motivated to get where I want to be in my life. I love to make people laugh or to be amused myself. I love music and comedy. They keep me sane. I am in a stage of my life where I want to make something of myself. I don’t want to be the typical young adult. I’m not that kind of person who enjoys going out a partying/clubbing 24/7. i would rather use my time on this earth to find better adventures in life.

I love music so much that I decided that I would make it my future career as well as my passion. I am pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Arts. I then can move onto becoming an Audio Engineer and Music Producer/Composer or even continue my education.


Favorite Color

Burgundy, Grey, Black, Royal Blue, Forest Green,

Favorite Food

Good Pizza or sushi

Favorite Movie

The Dark Knight, Inception, 40 Year old Virgin

Favorite Band

Chiodos, Emery, Skrillex, Kanye West and many more. Thats just different genre examples.

Favorite Artist

Alex Pardee, Banksy, C215, Skinner, Obey, Swoon,