• That’s quite a set up you got going there. I needs to get me a second monitor. Until then I’ll just have to suffer with my single 52″ screen.

    The game that 5 bit is developing is a top down adventure/puzzle game. Our game will require players to guide a character through a series of levels consisting of mazes, obstacles and puzzle solving. […]

  • ThumbnailThis week I decided to go to the Magnolia brewery to review. Well I didn’t actually decided as much as ended up there after some endeavor. The original plan was to meet up with my friend and go to Anchor Steam […]

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    Hunger Games
                    The Hunger Game is an Adventure game where you try and survive an arena built in the wilderness. You will not only have to survive alone in the wild but you will have to navigate […]

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    1. My first idea is a NFL team draft game. The point of the game is to get a team together that is strong enough to win the Superbowl. You start out as a new coach on the niners with the lockout behind you and […]

  • ThumbnailSomething that you may or may not know about Lagunitas is that they have a reputation for being pot heads. I don’t know if it’s true or not but either way they have that reputation. On Saint Patrick’s Day 2005, a d […]

  • ThumbnailStale Mate Pieces 6 Queens (3 black and 3 white) 2 Kings (1 black and 1 white) 6 Pawns (3 black and 3 white) 60 markers (30 black and 30 white) 1 8×8 checkered board   Piece Movement Queen – moves up/down, sideways, and diagonally                must lay down a marker somewhere along her path Pawns – moves any one space its touching King – moves up to […]

  • Decide that you want to make a peanut and butter sandwhich turn on the song Peanut butter jelly time go to wherever you keep the Peanut butter, jam, and bread usaly the kitchen but not necissarilly.  (decpit what people say marmalaid is not a substitute for jam) if you are missing any of these items go to the store and […]

  • For me there has never been a war between PC's and consoles because consoles have their place as well as PC's. For a while games came out for a system or the PC so if you wanted a game you got it for the only system that it was available on. Now though more and more […]

  • I decided to compare and contrast Zork and Pac-man. The reason that I chose these two games is because they have almost zero game play features in common yet they both were revolutionary in what was being done with video games at the time.   Video games today, well at least most need two things in order to […]

  • Thumbnail                In archery, they point of the game is to end the game with more points than your opponent. Each piece on the board is given a numerical value and whenever a piece is captured the person capturing the piece gets the points. Pawns are worth 1 queens 2 and  the king is worth 3, for […]

  •                   As I started to look more and more at ancient games I started to notice that they share more similarities with modern games then they don't.  Life is game of goose, monopoly is landowner games, and Chinese checkers are basically checkers with a small twist. Really what the difference comes down to is the evolution […]

  •                I decided to try and take chess and add a little bit of a twist on it.  I liked how some of the other games like UR and senate had safety squares as well as chance. So I plan on incorporating both of those things into a chess game. So far I've come up with […]

  •                The thing that I have always loved about games, at least most games is the utter simplicity of the rules and yet the strategy and tactics that go along with them can be un-believable complicated. Even games that are separated by hundreds of years share the same principle of easy to learn but complicated to […]

  •                To define what a game is, I think is a much more difficult task then people think it is. If you ask someone what a game is I guarantee then can list off games but probably not be able to quantify what separates a game from an activity or even an task. So many activities […]

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    ThumbnailToday I went on a tour of my favorite brewery in the area. I am talking about Lagunitas in Petaluma. I have been to this brewery many times before but never taken the time to go on their tasting tour and I can tell you I do not know why I waited so long. Although the […]

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    Interview with Chris Hopson, buyer and team leader of the beer department at WholeFoods.

  • ThumbnailI have been going to Russian River Brewing Comp. since before I was even allowed to drink and there is a reason for that. The first time I ever went there I went with some friends that were 21. The reason we went here instead of a normal bar is because I wasnt and even if […]

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