After LMW2 Update

Despite being done with LMW2, I would like everyone to know that the Band recently went to the Napa Valley Band Review on November 9th 2013, and placed 1st in their division! They truly did take into consideration of what the judges had to say at the Santa Cruz Band Review and applied it to the future competitions that they had planned! Very proud of them!


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Here is the finished documentary!

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Still for Poster


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We had fun at Santa Cruz!!!

Here’s a picture of the band at Santa Cruz!

Heres the Band at Santa Cruz!

Heres the Band at Santa Cruz!

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Our Official Vimeo channel and a picture of the Marching Jets at Practice



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Matthans Trailer pt2

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Alexias Trailer

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Brandons Trailer

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Behind the Scenes Photos in Images!

Now that we’re a three person group we are now able to do more than just do interviews and capture the life of the band, but also do some behind the scenes! Some photos of us working will be posted in our Images tab every now and then, so keep checking in! And there might even be some behind video(s) coming up if we have time.

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Hey everyone! Sorry that there hasn’t been any updates for a bit because it has been really busy planning things out. Lots of has also happened so I would like to update you guys on that as well.


As of September 17th, two people have joined in on this project. Alexia Eugenia and Brandon Davis, two awesome people are going to be helping out with the interviews, editing, and many other things especially attending the Santa Cruz Band Review, and you can see their bios in the “About Us” Tab above. Hopefully you will be able to meet with them personally, in the days ahead if you have not already.

Just yesterday on September 26th, all three of went to visit Encinal High School and I was able to introduce both Brandon and Alexia to Armen Phelps, the director of the Encinal High School Marching Band/the Music Department. During the after school hours, we were able to do three interviews with Freshmen, getting their insights on how they like this new experience of marching while playing their instrument compared to the traditional sit and play concert band set-up.

We will be trying to visit the school every Tuesday and Thursday in order to get B-Roll and other interviews as well.

Both Brandon and Alexia are now able to also post updates such as this so expect to see some posts from them as well!


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