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THere is a chart of how low income is divide in between race which they're all very Low!

Education in Mexico

Wow and i can imagine How this is now?

Wow and i can imagine How the estimate is now?

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Elote (Corn on a Stick

Elote (Corn on a Stick

This Corn on a Stick is Famous known for its taste of Mayo, Shredded Cheese and Chili Powder. You can get this tasty treat with your local Elotero(Corn Man).

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Beyond the Borderlands: Migration and Belonging in the United States and Mexico

This book tells the early age of Mexicans immigration and how how boarder passing to the united states, drug smugglers,and deaths in the desert trying to cross over throughout the 1990s population grew dramatically increasing to 11.3 million.Theres also telling of how Mexican contributed to hard work in the fields



Mexican Women and the Other Side of Immigration​

This book I researched that women back in the early day they did not have many right as men, they were label to stay home clean and cook. The women had to contribute to church and had bring their families as wellthis book also talks about the men returnig back to their home town would bring back, clothes, jewerly, food to their families .



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