Preview Critique

We were told we should have more information in the movie. The film needed more direction and clearer understanding of the core concept. Also we were told instead of having so much text in the movie we should do a voice to make it less boring. We were also the last thing we'd want is to bore people so when it comes to audio try to be open but picky so we match the mood but change the emotion of the film to keep the audience attached.

Beg-End Explanation

The beginning of the film is explaining his life before and during prison. He talks about his mom and what she thought of the experience and also about people he met in prison who influenced his life to become a better man.

The end of the film talks about what he wants to do in the future for his community. He explains that he first has to take care of home before helping other places but he says he does it mind giving advice to people trying to do the same for their community.


What was your life like before prison?

Were you a troubled kid?

What was he reason for your time in prison? 

What was it like knowing you be spending a decade behind bars?

Did you meet people in there that influenced you to become a better you? 

'If so, are you still in contact?

What is gentrification? 

Name a time where you have helped some one keep their home. 

In what way has being in jail influenced your decision to do your line of work?
At what point did you decide this is your calling 

From where you are at the moment what is your plan for the future? 

Do you have any other big plans for the future?

Name the projects what they plan to do how it has effected the community and what you're doing to counter act that


Our overall approach for the film is to get details about Donaldson's life before, during, and after prison. The more the audience knows about him personally the more they'll know how passionate about helping his community. We'd like everything to be clear and for the subject to be approached with all the write question about his life.

Voice Over Script


The definition of resilience is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. Over the coarse of 51 years Edward Donaldson has truly been a walking testament of this definition, and  that greatness is only obtained through great knowledge and experience. He went from excelling in the school of hard knocks, to cocooning in prison for 10 years, which allowed him to blossom into a scholar and freedom fighter.

The butterfly effect theme of his life are revolved around how its so important to never quit on yourself, no matter how tough times may be. If you are wise enough to choose strength and perseverance you’ll have a greater likely hood of living out your own unique purpose.