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Zack Bateman and the Coalminds


The Quircky Flower

Lynn Donahue

Anthony DeMaria

DeQuan Wright

Mike Calderon


Zack Bateman and his Delta Blues influenced band.


16-40. Music lovers, Blues historians.


Old styles of music have not died and are still influencing bands such as Zack Bateman and the members of his band. Even though delta blues is not a popular genre of music, now it is still carried on by some young musicians.


Describe the type of sounds we will hear, including music, spaces, and sound design.

Delta Blues, Zack Bateman and the Coal Minds, Blind WIllie Johnson, Robert Johnson, guitars, violins, vocals, drums, slide guitar, bass guitar.


Zack Bateman and the Coal Minds make up an interesting band because of how unique their style is in today’s generation. They play in the Blues style and their influence is primarily Delta Blues, the genre of music pioneered by Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, and others from the Mississippi delta. The lineup of Zach Bateman & the Coal Minds consists of violin, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals (lead and backing). In this documentary you will be introduced to the musicians Zack Bateman, Stephen Petersen, Carmen Veronica, Judy Cruces, and Ian Crosby, who make up the band, Zack Bateman & the Coal Minds.

Though Delta Blues is a genre of music with historical impact, it is slowly fading away as a contemporary art form. This band has a goal of wanting to keep Delta Blues alive because of the impact it has made on each band member’s life.They show that it is okay to be dependent on instruments, because the organic feelings instruments give bring the songs to life and gives the songs personality. This is a valuable story to tell because it depicts a form of admiration towards a type of music that was popular in the past but is now disappearing.

What we want to show the audience is the raw band, in & out of performance. There will be a quick introduction of each member so the audience will know their characters, a background of the type of music they play, and then we will mainly go into why the band members do this. Through performance footage, personal interviews and candid shots of the band hanging out and relaxing, you will see how they express their love for the blues and how they congeal as a band. Via these personal stories, you will be shown how music can impact a life and why musicians will go to any extra length to make their music come alive.


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    The treatment should lean more towards a “play by play”, a vivid description of your best guess at what we will see and hear on screen.

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