Final Cut of Through the Dirt


The rough cut:


Previews for our project:

Anthony DeMaria

Lynn Donahue


The After Effects for made for our production team:


our paper edit (apologies for the pink color)

What do we want our film to include and be about?

our production company:

Here are some links to the band’s Facebook and where you can hear their album!

The stills we’ve picked:

IMG_0027 IMG_0028
dditional media:

“Freight Train” by Elizabeth Cotten- Delta Blues artist

“Levee Camp Blues” – Son House – showcasing Delta slide guitar, harmonica, and vocals

“In My Time of Dying” – Blind Willie Johnson – technically Texas blues, but epitomises the gritty vocal delivery style and slide guitar typical of the southern blues in general – also vocal chanting / somewhat spiritual

some history of the Mississppi river, whose delta was the site of original music creation in the Delta Blues era:

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