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My name is Lynn Donahue and currently an AVE student at Ex’pression College. I work at a Peet’s Coffee & Tea. I became interested in animation around my middle school years and have always wanted to pursue it. I feel that Ex’pression is a great fit for me because of the atmosphere here. Making animated movies is my dream and I’ve never thought of doing anything else because I don’t want to do anything else as a career.


My name is Anthony DeMaria. I am a sound Arts student and play guitar and sing in an Oakland band. My career goal is to be involved with the media or in music production.


Howdy howdy everybody. As most of you know my name is DaQuan. But that’s seems to be only in school. Out of school, I’m known as KidStokez (a.k.a T.K.S. for displayed art). I enrolled in expression to further my artistic field. I already spent four years of high school working with sound equipment, graphic design, video and camera. So now I’m going for animation. In my spare time (away from school), I write music and play my ukulele, Tory. I also spend time working on graphic projects for the Tiger sports teams from Fremont High School (my old high school. That’s pretty much all I do. Music and digital design. That’s all I think about; what’s going to be the next major project? I wish I can say that’s all I dream about. But then I’d be lying , because all I dream about is zombies.


My name is Mike Calderon, I am a Guatemalan-American born in Greenbrae, Ca. I grew up in a mostly Latin community known as Canal and currently live in Vallejo, CA. The majority of my life has been divided between church, school, and my family. I have been involved in music in some way shape or form since i was 6 years old. I did not really flourish musically until I started playing drums at the age of 13. I soon began to play drums for my church and in a few years began to play electric bass guitar. Soon after I became worship director. I now play electric guitar and still direct the worship at my church. I have inspired and taught many youth of my church and have integrated them into the worship team.


  1. selania reed

    i like the color one is soo cute it fits you soo much

  2. Colin Hoefle

    The negative and colored logos both have an awesome pop to them!

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