About The Project

Music is an important part of each individual’s life because it gives us a way to express. A close friend of mine, Zack Bateman, has found a passion for expressing himself through music with his band. With his band, Zack has been able to live out his dream of performing and keeping delta blues alive. Even though this band is not famous and getting paid millions to perform, they are content and love performing simply because they enjoy the act of showing others their music.

The main idea for this project is to show that there are still bands out there that don’t need a drum machine and depend on the organic feel of live instrument playing. Even though a band is not famous, they can still love what they do because they have been inspired by past performers and the different styles of music that there are. This project is for all the aspiring musicians and all the people who who want to keep delta blues alive and the organic and live sound of real instruments.

As a way to show off the band, I attend practices and all the performances that I can get into. The members of the band welcome interviews and love to show what they can do. Learning who has made an impact on their lives and why they became interested in playing is a major part of the project. There is a reason why a band plays the specific style that they do, how the band members met each other, and why they decided to form a band together.

Telling this story is a form of admiration towards music that is essentially disappearing into irrelevance. There are musicians to be taken pictures of and instruments to be recorded. Zack’s band regularly practices and performs. The band’s live performances and practices are a great way to show their passion for what they do and how their inspirations have made such a great impact on them. This band was formed for the simple reason of loving what you do and showing others your love for it and how you never want it to die out.


Core Concept

To show how music can impact our lives and helps us find a way of expression


All the members of the band including, Zack Bateman, Carla Veronica, Judy Cruces, Stephen Peterson, and Ian Crosby.


Zack Bateman’s house, the recording studio, and whatever club they’re performing in.


The idea is to show how the band uses a blend of different music styles to create their own individual style and use this band as a way to collaborate and share their talents with other musicians.


In the present, now.


For other aspiring musicians and people who want to find themselves.


I like to “show- off” the band and show how great bands don’t need drum machines or other things like that to sound good. Keeping real instruments and playing an older type of music than what today’s generation is listening to is an okay thing for modern bands to do and it actually sounds good.


Everyone who loves art loves expression because expression is such a big aspect of art. Art takes up many different forms, one of which is music. There are millions of musicians out there, all who play because of different reasons. Some reasons may be to meet other musician, to give tribute, or simply because it is a way to express themselves. This band, Zack Bateman and the Coal Minds, love performing and making music for all of these reasons. Each member puts the band on top of other self- obligations because of the great outlet it is and how they have found a way to express themselves through their creativity.


It’s about how bands find their inspiration and use music to show their talent, creativity, and emotions.

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