Jun 12

Notes and Feedback

Here’s┬ásome of the recent feedback we’ve gotten!

-include more live footage

-show a beefy clip about what the band is about, show them at a performance so the audience can get an actual feel for the type of music the band plays

– make sure this footage is sustainable. We want the audience to be into it and not having a hard time listening

– even if a practice is showing, make sure to turn it up more! let the audience connect with the members by listening and watching them play at the same time

-show the band just being friends. There’s too much footage of just them playing, the audience should be able to connect with the band as actual people too

-maybe throw in some old, classic Delta Blues around the part when Zack and Stephen are talking about the genre and how it can be loosly classified

-maybe show more of the history of delta

-ask how and why the band is doing Delta Blues. The genre isn’t originally from this area so how did they find it and why do they play it

-more conversations of each member. Show them collaborating or just joking around with each other so the audience can connect with them more and know that they actually like spending time together

-more behavior things

-maybe ties in each band members influences and how they bring that to the band

-Ask about feedback the band has gotten, Positive and Negative, this shows a contrast and and add a little bit of a story to this piece

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