Monthly Archive: June 2015

Jun 25

Feedback from Rough Cut

– from Jerry and Dave: allow for a slower pacing in the moments when the band is just hanging out together, and allow the leisurely pace of the music to inform the editing so that the movie does not rush by   -change After Effects production credit to ensure that there is no confusion that …

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Jun 12

Notes and Feedback

Here’s┬ásome of the recent feedback we’ve gotten! -include more live footage -show a beefy clip about what the band is about, show them at a performance so the audience can get an actual feel for the type of music the band plays – make sure this footage is sustainable. We want the audience to be …

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Jun 09

Introduction and Conclusion Ideas

We’d like to start with and introduction of each band member. We could show each naming themselves and why they do this and a little about themselves so the audience learns and has an understanding who the characters are. Clips of practices and performances can show each members talents and what kind of person they …

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Jun 08

Some More Interview Ideas

InterviewQuestions Here are some other questions we’re thinking about asking the band to go with our revived core concept.

Jun 02


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