Jun 25

Feedback from Rough Cut

– from Jerry and Dave: allow for a slower pacing in the moments when the band is just hanging out together, and allow the leisurely pace of the music to inform the editing so that the movie does not rush by


-change After Effects production credit to ensure that there is no confusion that the band did not make the film


-improve audio for live performances (audio is scratchy, quiet)


– reference to first note: pick one song performance and include it in full, or the majority of it

– received positive feedback on footage obtained at concerts, band practices and events

Jun 12

Notes and Feedback

Here’s some of the recent feedback we’ve gotten!

-include more live footage

-show a beefy clip about what the band is about, show them at a performance so the audience can get an actual feel for the type of music the band plays

– make sure this footage is sustainable. We want the audience to be into it and not having a hard time listening

– even if a practice is showing, make sure to turn it up more! let the audience connect with the members by listening and watching them play at the same time

-show the band just being friends. There’s too much footage of just them playing, the audience should be able to connect with the band as actual people too

-maybe throw in some old, classic Delta Blues around the part when Zack and Stephen are talking about the genre and how it can be loosly classified

-maybe show more of the history of delta

-ask how and why the band is doing Delta Blues. The genre isn’t originally from this area so how did they find it and why do they play it

-more conversations of each member. Show them collaborating or just joking around with each other so the audience can connect with them more and know that they actually like spending time together

-more behavior things

-maybe ties in each band members influences and how they bring that to the band

-Ask about feedback the band has gotten, Positive and Negative, this shows a contrast and and add a little bit of a story to this piece

Jun 09

Introduction and Conclusion Ideas

We’d like to start with and introduction of each band member. We could show each naming themselves and why they do this and a little about themselves so the audience learns and has an understanding who the characters are. Clips of practices and performances can show each members talents and what kind of person they are when playing.


For a conclusion, we’d like to sum up the band and recollect the ideas of what the band is about and why each member is apart of this band and why they love it. It would be nice to end it with footage of the band performing or rehearsing like we began the film with.

Jun 08

Some More Interview Ideas


Here are some other questions we’re thinking about asking the band to go with our revived core concept.

Jun 02


Zack Bateman LMW2Checklist_v5

May 28

Core Concept

This is about how music influences individuals, why they have a need to put it before others and certain life obligations, and about how people can find a way of expression through music and this type of creativity (with Zack Bateman and his band members being the example).

May 26

Interview Question Ideas

Here are some questions the group has come up with for individual and group interviews.

May 19

What’s our approach on this film?

Ideas for filming

  • History of delta blues
  • How it impacted each band member
  • why delta blues is not popular
  • The bands fan base. Why their fans like their music.
  • Ask people at shows their thoughts on the music.



  • Band music
  • band interview
  • Performance
  • Delta Blues music
  • Band Photos


Here’s a link to more of the band’s songs



Final Project

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