Isis Rael

Occupation: Student/ Server

Age: 19

Isis Rael is a part time college student. She was born in Brazil but came to the states when she was seven years old. Isis mentions that at a very young age she was always really fascinated by tattoos on people and would always draw on herself for fun. When she was finally 18 years old she got her first tattoo and since then has kept going. She mentions that she loves the feeling of getting tatted and admits it does hurt at times but she says she seems to be addicted to getting tattoos. “I have a lot of tattoos underneath my clothes I have some on my legs, back and chest area.”  When I asked what do tattoos mean to her this is what she said. “I think it's a beautiful thing to be able to have the freedom of adorning our own bodies the way we want. I think tattoos shouldn't be looked as something bad or self destructing as some people do but as a medium of individuals being able to express the love they feel for art or just expressing yourself through your own body without harming anyone. I have met more good people covered in tattoos then people who claim to love jesus and go to church on sundays with no tattoos. Just because you look a certain way doesn't define who you have to be.”



My name is Andis Lozano. I am 21 years old and live in Oakland California. My passion for art and the dream of being able to do what I love for a living in the future is what brought me to Expression. Also being able to stay here locally and go to school was a big plus because I love being home here in the Bay Area. There are many things that influence me in my art. One of those inspiration is life itself and how I feel and what my imagination comes up with when I am in certain life situations. Also being able to look at life through different perspectives is what helped me create the crazy stuff I do. In ten years from now I would love to be able to be somewhere where my art and skills would be greatly appreciated and used to its full potential. I have dreams of helping make animated films and work in stop motion animation films. One of my all time biggest influences is Tim Burton. I absolutely love his unique and dark style of art. Tim Burton is the true definition of an amazing artist with his own style of art which is something I strive to do one day.