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About Me


Hailing from a European/Germatic family, started playing the bass guitar in the late 1980's. Following the metal/hard rock scene at the time, which he still follows to this day, he then moved to the Guitar and keyboard in 1991. All through the 1990's and into the 2000's he toured  the world many times, hanging aroundwith all the signed bands who were also touring at the time. After establishing well reperable contacts in the buisness, he then took the music one step further to enhance his abilities to be employed as such. September of 2015 seen him enroll in SAE Chicago in the recording arts program where he stayed till may of 2016, eventualy transfering to Expressions to finish the bachelors degree in the music and recording program. "Well known for his 1980's looks as far as the leather wearing goes, which is uncommon in musicians in this day in time, however he states that it is not what you wear or look like that makes the differance, at the end of the day, its what you do with it that makes your name and brand."