EBGC : Documentary Final Cut


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Totes Brute, Chetwrecker, Human Waste 9/20/11

Show tonight at a house on 14th and Peralta in West Oakland. Be there.

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Chetwrecker Live At The Swamp

Chetwrecker is a two piece powerviolence band in which I play guitar and do vocals for. This is some footage taken from our set on August 20th at The Swamp in West Oakland. Thanks to the guy who filmed us, much appreciated! Check out our main page. Chetwrecker.bandcamp.com[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rySNq0XpKRY[/youtube]

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Catheter Live In Oakland Covering Beastie Boys

Catheter, hailing from Denver, Colorado are straight up grindcore veterans. These dudes have countless releases and have been around for more than a decade. This footage is from their recent show at Hazmat in Oakland, May 2011. This was the last song, fucking raging… covering Beastie Boys “fight for your right”. Check it!


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Footage From Shut Up Fest 2011

Misanthropic Noise (CT/CA) VS. Pizza Hi Five (OH). A battle set filmed at shut up fest 2 in April, 2011 in Lima, Ohio at The Leathershop. MN goes first, then PHF. Bad sound quality and crazy filming because the show was very hectic, but you get the point.


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Chetwrecker T-Shirt

Possible Chetwrecker (2-piece Oakland Fastcore) T-Shirt design to be printed on Hail Death Productions in the near future.

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EBGC Promo Poster

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Misanthropic Noise/Scalped Split CS

Misanthropic Noise is a mince-grind band based out of Torrington, CT delivering 5 new tracks of punishing blasts. Scalped is a newly formed powerviolence band based out of Novato, California and delivers 5 tracks of quick pace changes, short blasts and a handful of slower (but still raging) parts. I will be releasing this split on Earitation Wax (formerly Coagulate Tapes), this release is number 5. The first press of 50 will be out in two weeks on see through red cassettes, going for 3 dollars, check the distro section soon for details! Below is a preview of the artwork (collage done by hand).

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Working With Typography

Typography collage work, using only letters and symbols.

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