Student Reimbursement Forms

Check Request Form for LMW

Student Reimbursement Form for LMW

  • Each LMW2 production team is allowed expense reimbursement up to $50 for production expenses.
  • If you wish to be reimbursed, you need to save your receipts. 
  • Then, please download, print and fill out and sign the two forms (links above).
  • On the check request form, be sure to fill out the vendor info (YOU are the vendor! Make sure your information is here), the "send check to" box with your name and address. Don't fill in the "requestor" lines – your instructor or the Common Core Director will do that. Next to "TOTAL," put your total.
  • Fill out the Student Reimbursement Form completely. 
  • Staple receipts to the forms and return them to your LMW2 instructor, Jerry Smith, or Tom Sylla. You can put them in the box outside room 410, the Common Core office.