Storyboarding for LMW

Here’s a storyboard template you can print out.

This storyboard assignment is to help you decide the structure of your final media pitch piece —  a 1 to 2 minute pitch piece to turn your project into a short documentary. The guidelines for the final project are here.

  • Use your sketchbook, our scanner, photos, Photoshop, Illustrator, Celtx, Keynote, WordPress or any other tool you feel comfortable using.
  • Post an image of your storyboard to your blog when it’s finished. (Make sure your viewers can read the image).
  • Use the storyboard to help decide what could be a good beginning, middle and ending.
  • Use at least one frame to introduce your main character, if you have one.
  • Use it to help decide what audio is important — dialog, music, overall sound design.
  • This is specific way to use a storyboard. It can be simple. This is about helping you figure out structure with a few visual cues and notes about sound.
  • Speed is more important than making “finished” visuals here. There are a lot of amazing, very detailed storyboards in the world — that is not what this assignment is about! This is not about being great at drawing!



  • Focus on frames for a good opening and closing sound + image, then fill in the other frames.
  • Add notes for key dialog sound bites and music/sound design.
  • If you can successfully communicate six key moments (frames) with a strong beginning and ending frame, you are probably doing ok.