LEC 6: Storytelling for Nonfiction Part 2

LAB 6: (3 hrs) Paper edit


  1. Create a paper edit. Use the PAPER EDIT and SHORT DOC OUTLINE handouts. Paper, markers and post-its are supplied.
  2. Make a post describing your best guess at a introduction and conclusion for your film. Be thorough, be detailed. Give us examples of the obligatory footage you will show to introduce your audience to your Core Concept. Describe how the Core Concept gets communicated through your audio and visuals. Article: “How to Close Your Film“, from New Doc Editing.
  3. Work on your roughcut and other assignments. (The Preview and After Effects assignments are due next class).
  4. Roughcut production meetings with instructors.
  5. At the end of term you will take a picture of your paper edit and post it to the Media Page on your project website.
  • For your Roughcut:
    • Bring your audio to a listenable version for the rough cut.
    • Priority #1: your audience needs to hear the dialog. Adjust levels to be even throughout, make sure music does not interfere with dialog).
    • Tip: Mixing in headphones does not give you an accurate idea of how your piece will sound when played through speakers. Use a FCP suite so you can mix audio in monitors.

PDF from lecture 4 keynote on editingEditing