LEC 3: Storytelling for Nonfiction


FCPX Media Management


LAB 3:

  1. As a team, you will use the footage you shot during Session 2 to create a 1-3min edit answering the question, "What's this film about?" In your edit you can use any other footage you wish, copyrighted or otherwise. We will show all the films an hour before lab is finished. Turn in your edit to the Assignment Drop Box as a 720p/H.264 .mov.
  2. Open work time for story development, shooting footage outside of school with an established reservation or available equipment, gathering any other material (stills, archival media, etc.), working on storyboards and your proposal.
  3. Get organized with your media. You need footage for next lab to begin editing the preview assignment.
  4. Plan your future shoots, be clear and organized about interview appointments with all of the people who will be in your film, and all production team members.

Use the 3-act structure described in the SHORT_DOC_OUTLINE.


Infographic by Maya Eilam

Karen Everett from newdocediting.com, teaching the 3-act structure in documentary storytelling:

Kevin Knoblock discussing the 3-act structure in doc storytelling: