LEC 1:

Introduction to Class and Syllabus

LAB 1:

  1. Form groups: for the films that have been chosen, create a group of three to four (max. four).
  2. Spend ninety minutes working on a brief (5 min) group presentation to take place in the second half of the lab. Your group will present:
    • Your production team name
    • Working title of your film (or best guess)
    • The LMW1 final pitch media piece (and project website)
    • Answer to the question: what's your film about?
    • What APPROACH (or approaches) will you use for your film?
      Handout: Developing your APPROACH
    • What OBLIGATORY shots do you need to communicate the world of your film? (Usually in the intro, the obvious, absolutely necessary things. Also might include types of shots and lighting.)
    • PDF from lecture slides: Approaches
  3. Give all production team members access to add/edit content on the project website. Add member login names under Dashboard > Users. Change member status to "Editor".
  4. Change the "About Me" page to "About Us" on the project website. Add bios for all members. Include in the bios what each member knows about the topic and why they are interested in making a film about it. Include the designated role for each member.
  5. Make a Post describing the approach you presented in class. (Due as part of the finished project website).
  6. Designate a home base computer. Make sure everyone in your group knows where all of the images and sounds collected last term are. Put those assets on a media drive in the lab room. You can never use "so and so is not here, so we don't have footage to work with" as an excuse. Every team member is responsible for the media at all times starting today.
  7. Checklist: using the LMW2 Checklist, start pre-production on this project as a group. Do not print this form — fill it out on one members computer and keep it until ready to turn in. During this lab fill out the checklist Preproduction Part 1 (Group Contact Info through Equipment Planning). The checklist is due at the end of the term.
  8. Story development: your first order of business is to work on the story for your documentary. Try to narrow your focus to a small set of core questions about your subject. Next lab you will work on the proposal for your project.

HW – DUE BEFORE NEXT LAB (turn in to the LMW/Assignment Drop Box):
 watch a documentary and write a 1 page response.
 You may view a documentary from the library or one of your own. Here's List of Documentaries in the Wintzen Library.

Answer the following questions (one paragraph):

  • What is the documentary's title/director/year?
  • What is this documentary about? (one paragraph)
  • What approaches do the filmmakers use to tell their story? (one paragraph)
  • Why do you think this documentary was made?
  • What do you think was successful about this documentary? Unsuccessful?