LMW1 Final Presentation Guidelines

Your final presentation is a 5-minute pitch to turn your project into a 7-minute nonfiction short in LMW 2.

  • Final presentations take place on the last day. Everyone presents. The order is determined by the instructor prior to presentations.
  • At the end of the final presentations, everyone votes on the projects they feel deserve to move up to LMW2. Voting results are posted to the class section blog. The number of projects is based on 3-4 person groups.

During your presentation:

  • Introduce yourself and play your 1-2 minute media piece.
  • Give us the name(s) of your main character(s) and location(s).
  • Give us evidence of your access.
  • Tell us the core concept of your film.
  • Do you have a story idea? (A topic is not a story – a topic is a backdrop for a story).
  • Other points: what kind of look and feel do you imagine? What media will you use: video, stills, archival, traditional, experimental? What kind of music and sound will you use? What tone/mood are you going for? Do you have an approach in mind? How will your (website) project translate to video?
  • Use anything from your website to support your case. Stop: don't tell us about your website — that was the midterm. Tell us about the project you are proposing.

Media Requirements

Use FCPX (Photoshop, etc.) to create a 1-2 minute media piece ("sizzle reel" or "preview") to pitch your topic.

Media delivery specs: 720p/H.264


  • Dialog: interview(s), voiceover and/or pre-existing footage. Dialog is your primary storyline/A-roll. Form your piece around choice selections of dialog. If editing a long interview, choose the most compelling segments, sentences, charged moments, fragments of language, etc.
  • Sound design: music, sound effects, location sound/field recordings, creative sound collage/montage
  • Resources for free music: http://assetgarage.com/browse-all-music-sources/http://freemusicarchive.org


  • At least 50% must be animated stills. This can include motion graphics and text.
  • Video (limit: 50%).


  • Storyboard your idea.
  • Produce media: interview, voiceover, photos, video.
  • Gather your media audio/visual assets.
  • FCPX: create a Library and import your media.
  • First pass with audio: edit your audio dialog, find compelling phrases/sentences.
  • For interview footage, use sync sound for rough cut.
  • Add cutaways/b-roll.
  • Add music and other important sounds.
  • Export (FCPX Share menu, 1280 x 720, H.264).


  • Have a sense of structure: a beginning, middle and ending (storyboarding can help for this)
  • Make it a cliffhanger
  • Make your audio story compelling
  • Make the music good, keep the dialog audible
  • If you have a main character, introduce him/her
  • When using stills, fill the screen, unless you have a really good reason for not doing it
  • Minimize the amount of text on screen