LEC 7: Midterm Presentation and Discussion/Critique
LAB 7: No lab.

Presentation: 4 minutes.

You are being graded on the quality of your PRESENTATION, the design and organization of your WEBSITE, and the depth and quality of your CONTENT.

  • Use any tools you need to prepare your presentation (index cards, etc.). Use your website as the main presentation tool.
  • During your presentation, after introducing yourself you will discuss your CORE CONCEPT and show us what you feel is your best content supporting your project. Show us content with photos to discuss your ACCESS and ideas about STORY.
  • You can show video content if it fits in your 4 minute time limit.

What's due?

  1. You should have a clear Core Concept for your project moving forward, demonstrating access and story potential, clear in your presentation and all parts of your website.
  2. An "About Me" page (a professional bio with a photo) (session 1).
  3. An "About The Project" page (final draft of proposal using these guidelines) (session 2).
  4. Good overall design supporting the Core Concept: title, header, background, color, typography, etc.
  5. Well-organized content and navigation (menus, pages, sidebar widgets/categories, etc.).
  6. At least 10 posts separate from assignments. Posts based on outside sources must be properly cited. You can use link categories, or other Wordpress tools to help organize links.
  7. Library research. At least two posts or pieces of content must be from library reearch. You must go to the library and get reearch help from the librarian or assistants.
  8. Photos. Posts of at least two slideshow/photo essays/galleries of well-prepared photos pertaining to your project. Photos must be taken by you (minimum 5 images per gallery). In addition, feel free to use properly cited images from the internet. Photos must be well organized and clearly displayed, with writing to accompany the photos about what/where/why.
  9. Photoshop and Illustrator homework assignments posted to your website, properly assigned to an "Assignments" category: collage(s) designed in Photoshop (Session 3), logo designed in Illustrator (Session 4), typography designs in Photoshop (Session 5), infographic designed in Illustrator (and/or Photoshop) (Session 6).
  10. Any additional supporting posts and media content (video, etc.) to support your project.
Grading Criteria
Up to 100
Good +


  • Excellent PRESENTATION supporting CORE CONCEPT, ACCESS, and STORY, clear and concise, keeping within 4 minutes
  • Strong website design with clear CORE CONCEPT across website (header/background, organization with menus, sidebar, title, et.)
  • 10 posts providing evidence of ACCESS (photos, writing, providing name(s) of people and places)
  • Variety of media supporting the topic (photography, writing, video, etc.)
  • Slideshow photos formatted with same aspect ration and sequenced with clear intention
Up to 90
Satisfactory +


  • Strong CORE CONCEPT, clearly understood by any visitor to site
  • Strong presentation
  • Strong slideshows
  • 2 to 3 posts of library research (you must go to the library and meet with the librarian or assistant)
  • Research posts timestamped as evidence of ongoing research (not last-minute)
Up to 80
Meets specs:


  • Presentation
  • Custom header, background, color, type
  • Clear menus/navigation
  • "About Me" Page
  • "About the Project" Page
  • 10 posts about the topic, cited
  • 10 to 15 photos, grouped into posts with text to explain what we are seeing (1 group must be original photos)
  • Widgets for sidebars (e.g., categories for homework)
  • All assignments posted to site, tagged with "Assignments" category
Below 70
  • Failure to meet specs