Project Archive

Some of the projects that have been turned into short documentaries:

Sound as a Voice

Heal the Hive

Guanaco el Unico

Breaking Into Elite

The Making of a Champion

PR Liberty and Justice

The Greatest Generation


Why We Are Here

Mother Mayhem

Circus Act


Through the Eye

Oliveira Engineering

Turfing on Trains

Oliveira Engineering

Housekeys Not Handcuffs

The Next Step

Life of an Athletic Trainer

New Generation

Nicaragua to California

Spinning a Yarn

Inside Look: “Aye-G” Sound Engineer

My Life as a Diabetic


My Friend Neron: My Sister’s Guardian

Skate & Inspire


Jimmy Lyons

The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island

Turfing: the Turfer Girl Story

 Zack Bateman and the Coal Minds 

Family Tics: Living with Tourettes

Art from Flame: the fires of Creation


Game Jam

Flying Ace

Palpable Sound

Going Rogue

Songs by Sav

Let's Go for a Dig

Nature Hums

Swords by the Lake

MWANGA: Dr. Laura Stachel

Ex'pression Library (Heidiology)

Home Room: Two Girls, One Mac

Saving History in Miniature

Prof Pimenta

Homebrewing with Sam

Don Riggio School: Student Run Creative Technology


Shelter 101


Character Design: The Story of a Hand Drawn Animation

Same Hearts

RYSE: A Local Uprising


A Story of Ink

The Future of Motion Graphics

The Best Pizza in the East Bay

The Berkeley Boys

Ceilingwards (Oakland Contemporary Youth Circus)

Comic Book Production

The Survival Of Record Stores

Creative Destruction

1906 Ultras

A Model Perspective

Dolly Totes: Walk At Her Own Risk

Michael Tam: Thoughts on Rivendell Bicycle Works

Laurainne Agdeppa: Role to Play

Stephen Mithalmo: Pool Shark

Matthan Magno: Marching Together

Trevor Holminski: A Blue Crow

Will Neumann: Coffee with a Cause

Benjamin Horgan: Being Here

Paul Nester: The Game Master

Trong Nguyen: Modern Blacksmithing

Eddie Akaba: MilSim

Danny Colburn: PTSD

Konstantin Eydelman: Newtonian Glass

Erik Rietz: Anonymous

Monica Kamai-Paler: Hawaiian Guitar

Andy Bertolini: 3D Printing

Ethan Bassett: Almost There Now (Oculus Rift/VR revolution)

John Herrera: The Time for Retro is Now

Tyler Haynes: Generation Z

Dorian Cohen: Cat Trappers

Taylor Baldschun/Akeila Tolson: The Art Above

Daniella Flores: A Bootleg Affair

Grace Coleman: Bay Area Karaoke

Matthew Goderre: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Gabrielle Wee: Sexism In Cosplay

Sasha Michkovsky: Loudness War

Paul Rhone: Qigong

Anthony Jorgensen: Bourbon Small Batch

David Whitmer: Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Barrier

Krackamya Welch: Homobiles(Polk St)

Jaron Delmendo-Cervantes: The Art of Gloving

Eric Burnett: The EB Spot/Collective Inspiration

Anthony Anderson: East Bay Steampunk

Nathan Greenroad: Hunting Health (Paleo Diet)

Erin King: Urban Exploration

Garrett Sauer: Slap! Exploring BDSM

Channen Anderson: Behind The Barber

Alana de Ocampo: Dungeons & Dragons

Peter Olson: Alcoholism and Recovery

Dana Starrh: Music in the Gaming World

Sarah Yambao: WonderWall

Tom Myers: 8-bit Bay Area

Tristan Brown: Underwater Photography

Isai Parra: HUITZIL (Aztec Dance)

Marc Adams: Girls In Town

Gregory Andresen: Bend

Mikael Waller: Tails of Trails

Arie DenDulk: Enso: Zen Buddism and Japanese Gardens

Miranda Rhys-Jones: Being Furry in a Non-Furry World

Spencer Struwe: Save the Humans 

Kyle Clay: The Bedroom Musician

John Ojeda: Mind Over Matter

Evan Olds and Darren Russell: REconsider

Chris Biagi: SFBay Airsoft

Joey Willis: The Brony Phenomenon

Genesis Fermin: Wood Turning

Aadith Srinivasan: Telestyle

Bhavesh Chiboo: Urbindian

Kay Parker: Off Castro

Jessica Flores: Creativity

Jason Boule: Pet Psychics

William Sammons: Listen to the World

Arvee Pajarillo: Open Mic 

Stephanie Truman: Bordertown 

Tom Officer: East Bay Grindcore 

Frank Paulino: Dirtbiking 

Alex Jacobs: Microbrews 

Kyle Youngblom: Urban Farming 

Payman Najafpour: Freebord 

Jennnifer Baker: Digital Dating 

Pat Dear: Street Art 

John Carlo Maravillas: Antiques in the Bay 

Brook Johnson: Beer 

Lilly Bry: Little Drummer Girl 

Josh Ramirez: More Than Just Dance 

Marco Curiel: Food Trucks 

Wallace Garrett: Shine Bright 

Daria Karpova: To Veil or Not to Veil 

Brittnie Diamant: Bellydance 

R.K. Ewing: Tiltshift 

Alice Hudnall: Fire Spinning 

Jessica Lilly Repas: Mistress of Music 

John Vicino: Busking 

Paulina Padilla: Veganized 

Travis Perkins: Pushed to the Extreme 

Jamie Nathan: The Writing Game 

Joanna Bledsoe: Gamer Girl