Final Critique


  • Shoot our own B-roll of nature
  • Add music (help flow of film)
  • Add breathing space between dialogue (B-roll in between)
  • Text animation: find font that fits Shane’s character
  • Don’t overlap text in Shane’s animation
  • Use same font on Lower Thirds
  • Dharma: what is it? Video or Text explaining Dharma.

Other Notes

  • Subtitles?
  • Audio adjustment, some words loud for Enrique
  • Addiction Intro: Music? Better Quality Clips
  • Experiment with Photos, Animate Stills, Ken Burns Pan and Scan

Rough Cut Critique


  • Move clip with Shane talking about his class and what mindfulness meditation (move closer to beginning)
  • Take out narration of expand upon it
  • Explain what mindfulness is in a clear way
  • Include more footage of Noah Levine teaching group about mindfulness or supporting facts from research
  • More B-roll and shorten Interview (trim them up more)
  • Work on story structure

Other Notes

  • Text asking questions?
  • Subtitles?
  • Animation of person meditating with thought bubbles (visual explanation for mindfulness)

Intro and Conclusion Ideas


In the first minute of the documentary we will be showing you archival footage that represents addiction:  people using drugs, drinking alcohol, people fighting, family members arguing, and the consequences of being under the influence. During this introduction the audience will be hearing people laughing, talking, clinking glasses, puffing smoke, etc., followed by chaotic sounds, such as shouting, car crashes, sirens, crying, etc. A group member will then be narrating some information about addiction and mindfulness meditation. After that, the title sequence will appear showing the title of our film.



An interviewee will summarize mindfulness meditation, last thoughts. Some ideas of photos are: emotionally happy people, hugging each other, sitting at meditation groups, laughing, titles of articles that promote mindfulness, motion graphics of a changing background with people in the foreground, and an emphasis of words that represent mindfulness. We will be adding peaceful music over the footage to give the viewers a sense what meditation is about. We will end the film by summarizing the film followed by an ending title sequence.

Approach to Project

In our film we will interview those who have practiced mindfulness meditation and ask them how it has benefited them in recovery. We will also ask them about the difference between AA’s 12 steps and mindfulness meditation, how meditation enhances AA’s 12 step program, and do they think the practice of mindfulness can work by itself in the process of recovery? This includes the teachers of mindfulness.

We will also cover the process of mindfulness meditation and how people usually experience it, the connection between their mind and their bodies. Also we’ll explain how once it’s learned, it can be useful in situations where there are cravings, or intense emotions, which then can be handled better.

Briefly, we will also mention some local resources for those interested in mindfulness meditation groups, there are groups focused on AA’s 12 steps and mindfulness, recovery and meditation without AA, and also meditation groups that are primarily focused on mindfulness, not recovery, but do help people deal with negative thoughts, emotions, and cravings.


Vinny Ferraro



“Look, my practice is simple. What if nothing is wrong? What if it all belongs—everything around you? Just see if you can approach every moment with kindness. Know what that does? That allows you to live in a kind world. And that slowly helps you deal with whatever comes up, when people don’t act right.” -Vinny Ferraro

Vinny Ferraro has been practicing meditation since 1993. In 1998, he spent a year sitting bedside with the dying through the Zen Center Hospice Program in San Francisco, as well as experiencing ‘A Year to Live’ practice (based on the book by Stephen Levine). He has studied with several renowned spiritual teachers including the Dalai Lama. In 2001, Vinny trained to lead Challenge Days in schools throughout the U.S. and has become an integral member of that organization. He also teaches the weekly insight meditation group Urban Dharma in San Francisco on Friday nights.

The Heartful Dodger – An article about Vinny

Why I’m Here – An Open Letter From Vinny

Vinny’s Dharma Talks Audio Files:

Contact Vinny:



Against the Stream Meditation Society


Against the Stream Meditation Society was founded by mindfulness master Noah Levine to make teachings of the Buddha available to all who are interested. It has many groups/classes in the Bay Area.


Fridays 7:30-9:00pm

 2650 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA

Weekly class taught by Vinny Ferraro, Gene Lushtak, Matthew Brensilver and others. Meditation and dharma talk. No registration necessary, just drop in. By donation

NEW – Mondays 7:30-9:00pm – Starts March 10

302 Silver Ave., San Francisco, CA (at the Jewish Home of San Francisco)

Weekly class taught by Gene Lushtak. No registration necessary, just drop in. By donation.

NEW – Wednesdays 7:30-9:00pm – Starts March 12

302 Silver Ave., San Francisco, CA (at the Jewish Home of San Francisco)

Weekly class taught by Matthew Brensilver. No registration necessary, just drop in. By donation.

Oakland ATS Sitting Group – Wednesdays 7-8:30pm

 Peace Center – Patio Room

111 Fairmount Ave. Oakland 94611

Refuge Recovery – Thursdays 7:00 – 8:30

 Buddhist Recovery Meetings
Ongoing weekly meetings open to anyone interested in Recovery and Buddhism.
3359 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco
***Starting Oct 17, this group will meet at The Gratitude Center 1320 7th Ave., SF
The time will change also: 8-9:30pm
These meetings will focus on Buddhist teachings, traditions and practices that can be helpful to people recovering from all addictions. There will be an emphasis on meditation practice and waking up to the habitual patterns that drive us and our unskillful behaviors.
These meetings are appropriate for anyone in recovery, or interested in recovery. No meditation experience is necessary.
Donation only, no preregistration -just drop in. For more info, please contact Enrique