Interview Questions

  1. How would you describe mindfulness meditation to someone who has no knowledge of the subject?
  2. Why do you think mindfulness meditation is an effective practice in recovery?
  3. A lot of people in recovery are in AA’ 12 step program, do you think mindfulness meditation can enhance the program? Or why might mindfulness meditation be more suited for some people than AA?
  4. What exactly do you do in a meditation session?  How do you teach it?
  5. How did you discover mindfulness meditation?
  6. At what point in your recovery did you start meditating?
  7. How long have you been practicing it?
  8. Where do you use mindfulness?
  9. Do you meditate often?
  10. Do you think this practice is effective for everyone?
  11. Do you have to be a Buddhist to practice meditation?
  12. What is Against The Stream and Dharma Punx?
  13. Do you think that mindfulness meditation needs to be brought out more to the public?
  14. Would you say the popularity of the meditation groups growing?