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Lisa Byrnes


Presently, I am interested in becoming an environment artist, a level designer, or a technical artist skilled in special and visual effects. Attending Ex’pression College is essential for me to establish a foundation to get started on my career path of a game designer. The LMW project I’m currently working on is about the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation as a tool in recovery. It helps an addict become more aware of their feelings and emotions that could trigger cravings and lead to using, they are more prepared to handle and calm those emotions and focus on the present. This project will provide me with a better understanding of what my father and brother are experiencing in the process of recovery.
Adam Bracamonte
My name is Adam Bracamonte. I am a person that loves to be physically active. I never like being still because being still for hours on end is boring. I also like to be socially active. I am a sound arts student here at Ex’pression College. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a part of the music community. Ever since my friends Josh and Joey Varela started their own band, it made me want to play guitar, start a band and tour the world and become famous.I came to Ex’pression College because Josh Varela said he went to this school to become an audio engineer for recording studios. Having a passion for music, I just had to come to this school. After interviewing one person with nine years of experience in the field of mindfulness meditation, I have a general sense of what the practice is about. It is used for helping those who are addicts overcome the addiction and lead them to a state of mind where they know that life is more stable and happy without the drug and alcohol abuse. My designated role in this project is to help with the cinematography, field recording, and editing.
Harrison Burton
My name is Harrison Burton and I am currently attending Expression College working towards a degree in game development, I have been interested in game development ever sense i first opened software enabling me to put my ideas into a digital world. I have been living in the bay area for the past five years and before that I was living in Australia for a total of four years and attended high school overseas. My passion for game development was sparked into the passion i know have while living in Australia and has grown seance then and will continue to grow into career that enables me to move forward with my passion.

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