Intro and Conclusion Ideas


In the first minute of the documentary we will be showing you archival footage that represents addiction:  people using drugs, drinking alcohol, people fighting, family members arguing, and the consequences of being under the influence. During this introduction the audience will be hearing people laughing, talking, clinking glasses, puffing smoke, etc., followed by chaotic sounds, such as shouting, car crashes, sirens, crying, etc. A group member will then be narrating some information about addiction and mindfulness meditation. After that, the title sequence will appear showing the title of our film.



An interviewee will summarize mindfulness meditation, last thoughts. Some ideas of photos are: emotionally happy people, hugging each other, sitting at meditation groups, laughing, titles of articles that promote mindfulness, motion graphics of a changing background with people in the foreground, and an emphasis of words that represent mindfulness. We will be adding peaceful music over the footage to give the viewers a sense what meditation is about. We will end the film by summarizing the film followed by an ending title sequence.