Approach to Project

In our film we will interview those who have practiced mindfulness meditation and ask them how it has benefited them in recovery. We will also ask them about the difference between AA’s 12 steps and mindfulness meditation, how meditation enhances AA’s 12 step program, and do they think the practice of mindfulness can work by itself in the process of recovery? This includes the teachers of mindfulness.

We will also cover the process of mindfulness meditation and how people usually experience it, the connection between their mind and their bodies. Also we’ll explain how once it’s learned, it can be useful in situations where there are cravings, or intense emotions, which then can be handled better.

Briefly, we will also mention some local resources for those interested in mindfulness meditation groups, there are groups focused on AA’s 12 steps and mindfulness, recovery and meditation without AA, and also meditation groups that are primarily focused on mindfulness, not recovery, but do help people deal with negative thoughts, emotions, and cravings.