Project Proposal

Field Picture

Title: Life Behind the Shield

Collaborators: Team Nerf Herders- Jordan Mitchell, Adam Wall, Adrian Farley, and Billy Creed

Overview: This documentary is about the life behind the scenes of a professional athletic trainer for the Oakland Raiders.

Intended Audience: This documentary is intended for all age groups and this documentary is intended for all groups but mostly intended for the sports crowd.

Objective of Film: The objective of this film is to show the life of an average man, Scott Touchet, and how he lives a life with superstar athletes and juggles his busy life on the road away from his family.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack that will probably work best for this film would be classic rock or modern rock because that is typical music that Scott Touchet listens to. Other types of music that may be included in our project is sad music when we are describing Scott Touchet being away from his family and another idea is to use typical music that is used during the football games. The types of sounds the audience will hear is weights hitting the floor, players grunting or yelling, whistles blowing, and the roar of a crowd.

Treatment: We all know what happens on Sunday in the NFL, but who are the other men and what are they doing on the sideline? So my project will be on the unsung heroes of the NFL, the athletic trainers. This will be the story about the men that dedicate their lives to the health and well being of the professional athletes. During games, players are the ones who get all the spot light and it isn’t until an injury occurs that an athletic trainer gets to take the his position on the gridiron. The main people who I will be interviewing in my project are the athletic trainers for the Oakland Raiders they are: assistant athletic trainer (Scott Touchet), assistant athletic trainer (Chris Cortez), and head athletic trainer (Rod Martin). The locations will mainly be at the facility in Alameda. The idea of the project is to enlighten viewers about the ins and outs of what goes behind the scenes of working for a professional sports team and balancing his crazy work life with his family.