The Story for My Project

The story I want to tell is of an average Joe, my step-father Scott Touchet, who happens to live a life surrounded by superstar athletes. I want to tell his story on how he became an athletic trainer, what it takes to be an athletic trainer, and what are his hardest struggles with being an athletic trainer. I want to take a behind the scenes look at his daily life at work and also how he copes with being away from his family for the majority of the year. The story is to show a great man, my step-father, and how he balances his life with superstars and his family.

Athletic Training in the NBA

I found a great video on Wally Blase, the head athletic trainer for the Atlanta Hawks. I found this video great because Wally Blase has been in the industry for some time, ranging from professional football to professional basketball. It was good to get a different view other than football and basketball is my favorite sport so I appreciated Wally Blase talking about his days working with Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman.

Head Athletic Trainer for the Atlanta Hawks Walley Blase

Lifting During Rehabilitation for Shoulder

During my research I came upon different injuries that occur during sports and I found a couple articles on shoulder injuries and how to rehabilitate them and come back from a shoulder injuries by doing light weight lifting. I found this interesting because normally you would want the injured area to fully heal, but in order for it regain strength you need to work out those muscles. Guide to Strength Training for Your Shoulder

Sports Medicine lost a good doctor and great person…

Dr. Albo PicOn February 21, 2011 the Sports Medicine community lost an amazing man in Dr. Robert Albo. Dr. Albo was the longtime Team Physician and Director of Medicine for the Golden State Warriors, and passed away at the age of 78. Dr. Albo was a good family friend and was a very genuine, nice man. Whenever I would see him he would ask how school was going and especially ask how basketball was going. Being associated with the Oakland Raiders, my step-father was in close contact with him. I always remember him coming to visit us when he would get us tickets to multiple Golden State Warriors games. I actually went to the game the day of his passing and I found out that he passed when the Golden State Warriors had a moment of silence for him. It was sad to hear that he passed, but he is in a better place now. I also put a couple of links on Dr. Albo and what he meant to the Sports Medicine community. Dr. Albo’s Official Warrior’s Tribute & Dr. Albo’s Influence on Sports Medicine

Athletic Training at the College Level

So getting advice from my step-father this weekend, he advised me to look at college sports medicine programs to get some info. So taking his advice I did a simple search and when I searched I found some good videos about UCF’s sports medicine program and I also did some research on their website as well. The video was interesting because it shows how the athletic trainers’ at UCF have to deal with all sports unlike my step-father who only deals with football. Here are the links to both the video and the website: UCF’s Sports Medicine Video & UCF’s Sports Medicine Website


The “Laser” in Sports Medicine

So being pretty active and playing sports regularly I often would come home sore from events or worse injured. Thankfully for me I had an athletic trainer at home who could rehab me quickly, but sometimes the healing process would take forever. Coming home with a sprained ankle, I would have to sit and keep my foot elevated or hot tub for an hour. As technology advances, the miracles of medicine start to really show off. After coming home from a basketball game I tweaked my ankle pretty badly. My step-father had just the remedy I was looking for and to my surprise it was lasers. “Low-light lasers, also known as cold lasers, work by emitting electronic particles in the form of photons directly into the skin cells. The mitochondria in the cells readily absorbs this type of energy, and this triggers a physiological response in the body that promotes the natural healing process.” To my surprise the healing process was a lot faster than usual and I credit that to the lasers. The one my stepfather used looked similar to the one in the picture below. Laser Light Therapy

Laser Pic


Concussions in the NFL

Talking with my step-dad this weekend we talked about the different types of injuries that occur during football games and the biggest one that occurs and needs to regulated better is concussions. The NFL is taking more steps to better the safety of players, but older players who didn’t get to experience that safety, like recent Hall of Fame inductee Junior Seau, have committed suicide or have lost a lot of brain function due to supposed head injuries that occurred during his career. This is a sad and scary truth that the NFL has to live with right now. The players and fans know how dangerous it is on the field, but it is the risk worth taking when the lights go out.


Concussion Damage Video



Unsung Heroes of Sports Medicine

Here is a link to a short video I found on how important athletic trainers are in the world of sports. It has good examples of how athletics trainers act and also what they mean to their sports teams. I think it shines a little bit more light on the men behind the scenes and show how these men are truly unsung heroes. I think it was cool to see how many people in this video show so much admiration for athletic trainers’ and the work they do.


Advocacy Video: Unsung Heroes of Sports Medicine from National Athletic Trainers’ Association on Vimeo.