The Critiques for Our Group

Rough Cut Critique:

The gist of the first critique was to get more of a story in place. The rough cut we put together was really an A to B story of Scott Touchet’s life. Which is fine, but it isn’t as interesting as the stories we told in our previews. We decided to go with Billy’s preview and basically flesh it out because the instructors liked her preview the best. Another addition that we were told to add was make it more interesting or sex it up. The biggest addition that we got from this critique was to rework our story and go with something more exciting.

Final Critique:

The first things that are needed are the intro,the credits, lower thirds, and sound work on the main interview parts. The story of being away from family needs to be built up more. It cuts away too fast and all of sudden he is having fun again at the end of the video. The B-Roll footage needs to be longer and show more to the audience. More B-Roll, while Scott is talking and cover up him because the interview is going on too long. Add more inspirational sounds like Eric Taylor, that Jordan used in his preview. We should use more pieces of music. Sex it up more, add more to the story. Crop in some of our footage in both the Robert Gallery interview and in Scott’s Interview. Less Detail and more Emotion.

The Beginning and End

The Beginning– The beginning of our film was first going to show the overall view of where Scott Touchet came from and how he became into the man that he is now. We ended trashing that idea and went with a more in your face approach and show the more glamorous sides of his job. We did this in order to get the audience into the action faster and get them more excited.


The End- Again the ending was originally not what we had in the end. We originally had the ending with Scott Touchet kind of riding off into the sunset. We sort of sticked with that idea, but changed it up a bit to spice up the ending. We ultimately wanted to show the struggle that Scott deals with and then show how he overcome those struggles with his family, and we feel as if we accomplished that.

Story Approach

What is the narrative spine for our piece?

The narrative spine for our piece is to show the life of Scott Touchet (Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Oakland Raiders). Show his journey to become an athletic trainer, show how he deals with his life busy life on the road away from his family, and show how he handles life with superstar athletes. 

What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?

Our main character will be Assistant Athletic Trainer Scott Touchet. Our plans for getting footage will be showing footage at the facility in Alameda, possibly game footage and footage of the stadium. The footage we should also be getting is the view of the lives that Scott Touchet effects, i.e. His wife, kids, and athletes that have been affected by his care.

How is conflict driving your story?

Conflict is driven in our story because Scott Touchet is a hard working man who wants to provide the best life for his family. The problem for him is that he must be on the road during the NFL season which lasts 7 months out of the year. So in order to provide the life that his family wants, he must sacrifice his time and effort by being away from his family the majority of the year. This is includes missing kids sporting events, many holidays, and family get togethers.

What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?

The change that we want to show in our piece is that Scott Touchet changed his mind on what he wanted to do with his life when his knee was injured and he got introduced in sports medicine in high school.

What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?

The inciting incident that we are going to portray is that that Scott Touchet has to make a decision to either work for long hours and be away from family but provide for his family or be with family more and not be able to provide as much for them.

What issues do you foresee making your piece visually strong?

Our project is going great and we have a plan for shooting everything and we don’t see any issues with our project.



Interview with Scott Touchet

Part 1: Introduction and Childhood

Growing Up- 

1.) Tell us your name and what you do for a living.

2.)Where were you born and raised as a child?

3.)How was life growing up there for you?

4.)What was the best part about living in Texas?

5.)What activities or sports did you part take in as kid?

6.)As you got older into your high school years what activities were you into?

7.)Did you have any mishaps or injuries during high school that are memorable?

8.)In high school did you have a specific career that you knew you wanted to do? Or did you have to figure it out through going to college to find your passion?

9.)Who was your biggest influence on your career decision?

10.) So what got you into athletic training and into sports medicine? As a kid did you know this is what you wanted to do or was it something that happened later in life?


Part 2: Athletic Training and College

College Years-

11.)  So tell me Scott, what is athletic training in a nutshell to you because when people think bout you, they see you as a personal trainer of sorts?

12.) What was your biggest influence on where to go to college, was it because of the program/people/instructors?

13.) As a college student what were some of your biggest struggles?

14.) What did you learn most in college?

15.) What lead you to go to the University of Arizona?

16.) At any point in during your college life did you ever doubt that this may not be the career/field that I want to go into?

17.) In college, what sports did you actually use your athletic training abilities? Was it just football or multiple sports.

18.) How hard is the schooling to become an athletic trainer?

19.) So in college did you have any internships or crazy jobs?

20.) What was your first big break into your field of sports medicine?


Part 3: Professional Life

The Big Times-

21.) Is football the sport that you ultimately wanted to work in? Or was it some other sport?

22.) Which team did you ultimately want to work for coming out of college?

23.) Who helped you the most getting your dream job?

24.) How hard is it to get on with a professional sports team, especially in sports medicine?

25.) What were some of your biggest challenges right out of college?

26.) When was your OMG moment, that you finally realized that your have made it ultimate stage of the NFL?

27.) So what is the best part about working for a professional sports team in the NFL?

28.) What are some of the daily struggles you have to deal with at work?

29.) What do you look forward to every day?

30.) What is the hardest part about your job?


Part 4: Life Away from Family

The Struggle-

31.) So tell us about your family? Who does it include?

32.) How long have you been married?

33.) So how long are you away from your family every year?

34.) Do you ever question the decisions you made growing up to be in this position now because of your time away from your family?

35.) How do you think your wife/family feels about you being away the majority of the year?

36.) What do you miss most about not being with your family?

37.) What events do you miss being that you are away from home?

38.) If family is so important to you, then why do a job where you are away from them for long periods of time?

39.) Talk about the reward you get from providing for your family even though you are on the road the majority of the year.

40.) Is your family what drives you to do your job every day?

41.) If you knew what you knew now would still do everything the same knowing you would be away from your family and miss holidays/sporting events/family-get-togethers?

42.) What are some of the many things that you provide for your family with this job?

43.) How long is your current season from start to finish- Training Camp to the end of the season?



Part 5: Career Reflection

A Look Back-

44.) So being that you travel all the time, which city do you look forward to visiting the most?

45.) What is your favorite restaurant to visit on the road?

46.) So for almost 30 years you have been in the industry, what is it that drives you to keep wanting to be in sports medicine?

47.) What is the worst injury that you have seen and had to be a part of?

48.) Over the years, what would say has changed the most in sports medicine?

49.) What is one thing, in sports medicine that your feel needs to change or could be improved on?

50.) Are you currently in the position you want to be in? Have you reached your ceiling or is their more to accomplish in your career?

51.) Do you feel that you have helped save careers or help these athletes with their lives?

52.) What is your greatest achievement in your career so far?

53.) What is your greatest achievement in your life so far?

54.) Who is the most influential person in your life that has inspired you to become the man you are today?

55.) If you could do anything different in your journey into sports medicine would you change anything or keep it the same?

56.) What does the future hold for Scott Touchet and the Touchet Family?

Project Proposal

Field Picture

Title: Life Behind the Shield

Collaborators: Team Nerf Herders- Jordan Mitchell, Adam Wall, Adrian Farley, and Billy Creed

Overview: This documentary is about the life behind the scenes of a professional athletic trainer for the Oakland Raiders.

Intended Audience: This documentary is intended for all age groups and this documentary is intended for all groups but mostly intended for the sports crowd.

Objective of Film: The objective of this film is to show the life of an average man, Scott Touchet, and how he lives a life with superstar athletes and juggles his busy life on the road away from his family.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack that will probably work best for this film would be classic rock or modern rock because that is typical music that Scott Touchet listens to. Other types of music that may be included in our project is sad music when we are describing Scott Touchet being away from his family and another idea is to use typical music that is used during the football games. The types of sounds the audience will hear is weights hitting the floor, players grunting or yelling, whistles blowing, and the roar of a crowd.

Treatment: We all know what happens on Sunday in the NFL, but who are the other men and what are they doing on the sideline? So my project will be on the unsung heroes of the NFL, the athletic trainers. This will be the story about the men that dedicate their lives to the health and well being of the professional athletes. During games, players are the ones who get all the spot light and it isn’t until an injury occurs that an athletic trainer gets to take the his position on the gridiron. The main people who I will be interviewing in my project are the athletic trainers for the Oakland Raiders they are: assistant athletic trainer (Scott Touchet), assistant athletic trainer (Chris Cortez), and head athletic trainer (Rod Martin). The locations will mainly be at the facility in Alameda. The idea of the project is to enlighten viewers about the ins and outs of what goes behind the scenes of working for a professional sports team and balancing his crazy work life with his family.

Life Behind the Shield- Approach to the Film

American Flag Game

Our approach is going to be a narrative with voice over that shows the life behind the scenes of an average man who works with superstar athletes. We will show how Scott Touchet (Oakland Raiders Athletic Trainer) chose to become an athletic trainer, how he deals with life on the road away from his family, and how he handles everyday life with celebrities. Our approach will show footage at NFL games, Scott Touchet working at the main facility in Alameda, and his family life at Jordan’s house in Martinez.

The Story for My Project

The story I want to tell is of an average Joe, my step-father Scott Touchet, who happens to live a life surrounded by superstar athletes. I want to tell his story on how he became an athletic trainer, what it takes to be an athletic trainer, and what are his hardest struggles with being an athletic trainer. I want to take a behind the scenes look at his daily life at work and also how he copes with being away from his family for the majority of the year. The story is to show a great man, my step-father, and how he balances his life with superstars and his family.




Here is a rough draft of my storyboard, not exactly what I want yet but it’s still a work in progress. I think this is a good basis for the general idea for want I to present. A quick view of the facility and the Oakland Raiders, and then I want to introduce my stepfather and what he does on a daily basis. I’m excited to get footage and get audio to fully wrap this presentation up.