About Our Project


We all know what happens on Sunday in the NFL, but who are the other men and what are they doing on the sideline? So my project will be on the unsung heroes of the NFL, the athletic trainers. This will be the story about the men that dedicate their lives to the health and well being of the professional athletes. During games, players are the ones who get all the spot light and it isn’t until an injury occurs that an athletic trainer gets to take the his position on the gridiron. The main people who I will be interviewing in my project are the athletic trainers for the Oakland Raiders they are: my step-father assistant athletic trainer (Scott Touchet), assistant athletic trainer (Chris Cortez), and head athletic trainer (Rod Martin). The locations will mainly be at the facility in Alameda and at the training camp facility in Napa. The idea of the project is to enlighten viewers about the ins and outs of what goes behind the scenes of working for a professional sports team. The people involved in the project have had over 75 years working for the Oakland Raiders.

This project will take place during the annual 3 month training camp in Napa, I also would like to get additional footage at the main facility in Alameda. The audience I am gearing towards is people who are interested in sports and enjoy seeing behind the scenes of anything. I am going to approach the project as the main interviewer since I personally know the people in the project. In my project I will go over the many procedures done before games, workouts, the rehab and recovery process that occurs during the season, and current technologies that help with fast recovery and resistance to less injuries. This topic interests me because I have worked in the equipment department for the Oakland Raiders and I know how much work goes into the athletic department.

I believe my audience will be interested in this topic because the public only sees what happens on Sundays and it is not known to the public what goes on inside major sports organizations like the Oakland Raiders. The story I wish to tell is one that shows what it takes to be an athletic trainer and the lifestyle you must live in order to be successful in the league. The life of an athletic trainer is hard because of the demanding workflow and constant hours that have to be worked. I think the different topics that I will go over will help develop the culture and story that are in the locker room and what goes on behind the scenes in the NFL.