The Critiques for Our Group

Rough Cut Critique:

The gist of the first critique was to get more of a story in place. The rough cut we put together was really an A to B story of Scott Touchet’s life. Which is fine, but it isn’t as interesting as the stories we told in our previews. We decided to go with Billy’s preview and basically flesh it out because the instructors liked her preview the best. Another addition that we were told to add was make it more interesting or sex it up. The biggest addition that we got from this critique was to rework our story and go with something more exciting.

Final Critique:

The first things that are needed are the intro,the credits, lower thirds, and sound work on the main interview parts. The story of being away from family needs to be built up more. It cuts away too fast and all of sudden he is having fun again at the end of the video. The B-Roll footage needs to be longer and show more to the audience. More B-Roll, while Scott is talking and cover up him because the interview is going on too long. Add more inspirational sounds like Eric Taylor, that Jordan used in his preview. We should use more pieces of music. Sex it up more, add more to the story. Crop in some of our footage in both the Robert Gallery interview and in Scott’s Interview. Less Detail and more Emotion.