Interview with Scott Touchet

Part 1: Introduction and Childhood

Growing Up- 

1.) Tell us your name and what you do for a living.

2.)Where were you born and raised as a child?

3.)How was life growing up there for you?

4.)What was the best part about living in Texas?

5.)What activities or sports did you part take in as kid?

6.)As you got older into your high school years what activities were you into?

7.)Did you have any mishaps or injuries during high school that are memorable?

8.)In high school did you have a specific career that you knew you wanted to do? Or did you have to figure it out through going to college to find your passion?

9.)Who was your biggest influence on your career decision?

10.) So what got you into athletic training and into sports medicine? As a kid did you know this is what you wanted to do or was it something that happened later in life?


Part 2: Athletic Training and College

College Years-

11.)  So tell me Scott, what is athletic training in a nutshell to you because when people think bout you, they see you as a personal trainer of sorts?

12.) What was your biggest influence on where to go to college, was it because of the program/people/instructors?

13.) As a college student what were some of your biggest struggles?

14.) What did you learn most in college?

15.) What lead you to go to the University of Arizona?

16.) At any point in during your college life did you ever doubt that this may not be the career/field that I want to go into?

17.) In college, what sports did you actually use your athletic training abilities? Was it just football or multiple sports.

18.) How hard is the schooling to become an athletic trainer?

19.) So in college did you have any internships or crazy jobs?

20.) What was your first big break into your field of sports medicine?


Part 3: Professional Life

The Big Times-

21.) Is football the sport that you ultimately wanted to work in? Or was it some other sport?

22.) Which team did you ultimately want to work for coming out of college?

23.) Who helped you the most getting your dream job?

24.) How hard is it to get on with a professional sports team, especially in sports medicine?

25.) What were some of your biggest challenges right out of college?

26.) When was your OMG moment, that you finally realized that your have made it ultimate stage of the NFL?

27.) So what is the best part about working for a professional sports team in the NFL?

28.) What are some of the daily struggles you have to deal with at work?

29.) What do you look forward to every day?

30.) What is the hardest part about your job?


Part 4: Life Away from Family

The Struggle-

31.) So tell us about your family? Who does it include?

32.) How long have you been married?

33.) So how long are you away from your family every year?

34.) Do you ever question the decisions you made growing up to be in this position now because of your time away from your family?

35.) How do you think your wife/family feels about you being away the majority of the year?

36.) What do you miss most about not being with your family?

37.) What events do you miss being that you are away from home?

38.) If family is so important to you, then why do a job where you are away from them for long periods of time?

39.) Talk about the reward you get from providing for your family even though you are on the road the majority of the year.

40.) Is your family what drives you to do your job every day?

41.) If you knew what you knew now would still do everything the same knowing you would be away from your family and miss holidays/sporting events/family-get-togethers?

42.) What are some of the many things that you provide for your family with this job?

43.) How long is your current season from start to finish- Training Camp to the end of the season?



Part 5: Career Reflection

A Look Back-

44.) So being that you travel all the time, which city do you look forward to visiting the most?

45.) What is your favorite restaurant to visit on the road?

46.) So for almost 30 years you have been in the industry, what is it that drives you to keep wanting to be in sports medicine?

47.) What is the worst injury that you have seen and had to be a part of?

48.) Over the years, what would say has changed the most in sports medicine?

49.) What is one thing, in sports medicine that your feel needs to change or could be improved on?

50.) Are you currently in the position you want to be in? Have you reached your ceiling or is their more to accomplish in your career?

51.) Do you feel that you have helped save careers or help these athletes with their lives?

52.) What is your greatest achievement in your career so far?

53.) What is your greatest achievement in your life so far?

54.) Who is the most influential person in your life that has inspired you to become the man you are today?

55.) If you could do anything different in your journey into sports medicine would you change anything or keep it the same?

56.) What does the future hold for Scott Touchet and the Touchet Family?