What can you tell me about the Elements of Hip Hop?

I asked a few students at Ex’pression about the elements of Hip Hop, and these are the answers I got…

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As you can hear from the interviewees, none of them were certain of their answers.  The elements are made up on the following four:  DJing, graffiti, MCing, and breakdancing.  Any fan of Hip Hop music and culture should know these elementary basics!  This demonstrates a lack of real understanding for the Lost Art.

Word Up!

Whuddup reader?!??  My name is Alan Lane and I am a Sound Arts student here at Ex’pression College.  I am looking to enhance my current skills for music making while gaining the necessary knowledge to manage sound environments (live or compressed).  I remember the first time I fully understood music, and the song that allowed me to reach this new understanding.  “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know” was an early 90’s track created by KRS One, a pioneer in Hip Hop culture.  From the raw rugged beat, to the delivery of the lyrics, this song spoke to me and inspired a vision of things to come.  It is songs like this, and humble artists like KRS that influence me creatively.  I utilize my surrounding world for inspiration in innovation.  There is not one single element, but a combination of elements which drive me.  However, a main gear in my motivation is to collaborate with creative souls to create something new, refreshing and original.  The idea of helping friends reach that next level of sound evolution is another driving force that keeps me on track.  I am not here to establish a new career in the industry, rather I am here to build upon and strengthen my current skill set so I can contribute more to some passions: sound and music.  In ten years who knows where I will be…  all that matters is my own satisfaction with the music I create, and the satisfaction of those who I may collaborate with in the future.  The industry does not concern or interest me, I’m here for self therapy and improvement!  My influences include (but are not limited to):  A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Blackstar, Hieroglyphics, Zion I, Living Legends, The Roots, KRS One, Aesop Rock, Prophetic, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Toots and the Maytals, Elijah Emanuel, Alika, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, and Nujabes to name a few.  At the current moment I am a retired DJ who spends more of my time freestyling/writing lyrics for Hip Hop music.  Since I began here at Ex’pression, I have also contributed more to live sound applications for events/ event coordination which I am involved.  I’m looking forward the knowledge and wisdom I will gain through the Sound Arts programs, and even more to the great projects that will come!