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Hi I am Ash Birlangi. I am an aspiring animator, illustrator and designer. I came to Ex'rpession College looking for a place to learn how to better myself as an artist and so far this is the place for me to be get better. I think other peoples work and keeping up with other peoples work is what drives me creatively to keep working on my own art, seeing their work makes me want to work on my own. In the next 10 years I want to either work for a company that makes animated films or I want to be making animated films of my own. My biggest influences are comic books and comic book artists, childrens tv serial shows, I love these because they tell a story from begning to end in a series every episode is a bigger part of a whole, My favorite thing ever is Avatar The Last Airbender, its what inspired me to look in to animation with its amazing visuals and brilliant storytelling. Right now I only paint and draw in my free time im hoping to learn to aniamte soon, I would like to tell stories in any medium whether its film or animation or illustrated graphic novel work and I am looking into how to approach this as I've never done this before.



I am William Boland.

I came to Ex'pression college because I heard how good their Game Art & Design classes are and it is my dream to become a Game Art Designer.

The things that drive me creatively are: the games I play, the shows I watch, and the people around me.

In ten years I would like to be a Game Art Designer in a company I respect.

My biggest influences are Video games, my friends, and my family.

As for what I create there isn't much for me to say in that regard because I am still a new student and do not have much to show yet.



Julia AKA Lady She



Greetings from Lady She

Who's that lady?


My name is Julia Carolynn Henninger aka Lady She.  I am originally from Los Angeles, but relocated to the Bay Area about five years ago. 


I am the youngest of four in a family of buddhist artists.  I started acting in live thearter as a child, and continued to act in film, television, and theater through my young adulthood.  In addition to acting, I opened a recording studio in Long Beach, CA and produced many regional artists.  I also composed, produced and toured a solo album in 2011 called "Hood Pinup". 






Here are some of my older tracks, written, composed, and recorded by myself.   

Full album on bandcamp.com here

I also started a pop culture satire youtube channel called Celebutante Circus for an original character called "Betty De-botox", and she now has a short feature called "Saving Project Betty" that I was able to complete through school.  I also have an original character called Hank Henderson Jr. (Betty's stalker).


Betty De Botox, is a pop culture satire.  Here is her most recent music "Bingin' Like A Builimic" video written, edited and performed by me.

Currently, I am a student at Sae Expression studying Interactive Audio.   I started going to SAE Expression so that I can expand my knowledge of sound, recording and interactive elements, while pursuing the creation of my original work.  I strive to be the most useful "Swiss Army Knife" within digital media.

I wish to free all people from suffering, this is what drives me creatively.  In the next ten years I see myself editing, making music, recording others, and making films. 

At this time, I am working on a spoken word project with a Jazz band in Oakland, and I am excited to see what the future brings.