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Hello Viewer,

Me in the front lobby of Ex'pression College
Me in the front lobby of Ex’pression College

My name is Kristy, it’s nice to meet you. I appreciate that you’ve come to my website and I hope you find something useful here. I’m working on building a professional look to my products online, and this is the first step. I’m currently a student at Ex’pression College for Digital arts; Before my neighbor told me about Ex’pression I was completely unaware that a Digital Art school was a option for an education. I see Ex’pression College as the future of having an art career in this fast pace digital world. It’s incredible to see what I have the opportunity to learn and grow as a digital artist.

A former Ex'pression students work up close
A former Ex’pression students work up close

Having a creative nature has always been difficult. I grew up battling my inner thoughts about creative work. I think it’s fairly normal in the United States that creativity is not seen as a career path. I know for me this was very true with the adults I grew up around. I thought that being creative was just a “hobby” and nothing more. Since growing as an adult myself, I’ve formed new opinions and know that being a Graphic Designer is my true passion in life. Although it is difficult to battle the negativity surrounded creative fields, I know that it is more then meets the eye.

IMG_0047 - CopyI’d love to be in the Graphic design field within five years and grow as a professional designer within 10 years. I have only skimmed the surface of what I can even do within graphic design, but I’m excited and motivated to make logos, typography, page designs, websites, apps, and even clothing desgins. I love the possibilities in this field and am ready to jump in.

Here is an example of a typographer, which is a field under graphic design:

Work from former students
Work from former students

There are so many things that influence my artwork and creativity. I think the biggest influence is emotion and passion. Without being able to connect on a humanistic level I don’t feel I could fully create the content that I’d like to. I take inspiration from anything that falls into this category from politics to personal stories. I think it’s extremely important to be able to create things that can truly influence people and make them think in a progressive way for our society.

This is a class mate and I having fun taking photos for our blog post.
This is a class mate and I having fun taking photos for our blog post.

Thank you for spending the time reading my introduction. I look forward to developing the look and content on this blog. I think it has a lot of potential to be something that is worth wild. I want to be able to write about something that I truly believe in.



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Over and Out,

Kristy Edgerton

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  1. I really like how you set you page up and the photos are laid out good.

  2. Why did you have to use the photo of me. jk lol

  3. I really love that you provided examples and didn’t just assume that people would know what you were talking about in your posts

  4. Wow I love your page ­čÖé the professionalism really comes through and your purpose is front and center. It is also nice, neat, and organized. It also had simplicity, which was very refreshing! I definitely look foreword to seeing more from you and your adventures!


    Savannah Hill ­čÖé