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I will be interviewing Mr. Knox about his perspective on racially motivated crimes, The Black Lives Matters movement, and protest.

General T.A.C.O.


General T.A.C.O has been leading the New Generation Black Panthers for the past 23 years informing and getting the Black community how to liberate and exercise their legal rights.

March 16th… Black Lives Matter Day…
Black Riders… New Generation Black Panther Party for Self-Defense… goes to Texas to march with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club…
General T.A.C.O in the middle of the line… ARMED SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST THE PIGS… We marched on the State Capitol of Texas in honor of Micheal Brown, Ezell Ford, Eric Garner, and Clinton Allen… Black Power! All Power to the People!

Sound Design

I would like everyone to feel free to contribute any music ideas. So far I have a few song Ideas that I would to include in my documentary. I feel like music is essential and provides a commonality for all those who are united for this battle to dismantle racism. There are a few known songs that have carried people through the heavy emotions attached to the struggle. For instance; Tupac- Changes, Wondaland -Hell You Talkin Bout, Kendrick Lamar- Alright, and Talib Kweli- Get By. I want to find songs that grab the soul, influences spirit and brings a sense of hope through the struggle.

I know for myself personally when I am at my lowest or lose hope that there will be social change I look to music. Music is paramount to my existence. Without it I am incomplete. Music is what comforts me and motivates me to continue. With that being said… Which song in your life has encouraged you to when you most needed it?

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