Beginning and Ending of ‘Sisters’

Lights, camera, selfie!

‘Sisters’ opens with B-roll of Katie and Jenny interacting; Katie expresses frustration that Jenny does not want to be filmed, we hear Jenny’s nurse in the background saying “You’re a rockstar…you have to be filmed!” This takes us into our opening titles, with V/O from Katie introducing us to herself and her role as both a film student and a big sister. The ¬† V/O runs into Katie’s dad clapping the slate, which takes us into our title credit and then into the story proper.

We wrap up the story with B-roll of Katie entering Ex’pression and explaining that “imagination is the great love of my life” and expressing gratitude that she is able to pursue her artistic aspirations as an Ex’pression student. She says, “Jenny loves me unconditionally and there’s not much more you can ask for than that as a human being.” This takes us into our closing credits.

We will have appropriate musical cues for intro. and end credits.

Jenny's birthday shenanigans

Jenny’s birthday shenanigans

Final Cut Critique Notes

Overall, the feedback on the¬†final cut of the film was very positive. Jerry Smith said we did an “awesome job” and Mike Russell called our final cut a “quantum leap above [the] rough cut.” We definitely need to fix the audio levels; our instructor Jerry Smith had to “ride the fader” throughout the viewing. We need to shrink the Ex’pression logo at the end and make sure that it doesn’t share the screen with any other credits. The end credits felt a bit long and need to be sped up.

Classmate Nzynga Shakur liked our cold open and felt it established Jenny’s character well. (“She’s a drama queen.”)

Classmate Jule Dildine wanted us to hold a bit longer on “Jenny loves Katie” for dramatic effect.

Classmate Brandon Edmonds felt that our Ex’pression entrance B-roll became distracting and instructor Mike Russell suggested a “smoothing voiceover” that ties the end of the film together with the beginning. Mike felt very strongly that we should lose the blank screen and fill it with images, while leaving enough room to allow the story to “breathe” a bit.

Mike further suggested we use music and room tone to smooth audio transitions and help the pacing of the story.

We need to smooth out some of our stills (tighten up the Ken Burns, use dissolves). Jerry wanted us to balance our text effects, keeping in mind how long the effect lasts versus how long the title is complete and readable on screen. The picture-in-picutre effect over Katie’s first interview had an ugly composition and we may decide to lose that segment.

We received reminders from all around that every segment MUST support the core concept, and that each individual segment needs an arc.

Rough Cut (Critique Notes)

The feedback we got on our rough cut was pretty positive overall but there are still some major issues we need to tackle.

  • Clean up the audio (EQ & level everything, add room tone to make abrupt audio cuts less jarring.)
  • Jerry and Mike noted that what we have now is basically only the body of the film; we need to work on a strong intro. and conclusion.
  • The film lacks enough emotional intimacy with Katie; we need to see more of Katie and Jenny interacting, we need to move around “inside Katie and Jenny’s world”
  • All archival photos should conform to 16×9 aspect ratio, fill screen, use Ken Burns effect
  • Start with “Jenny’s relationship w/ Katie”
  • Use voice-over narration, more candid interview clips to give the feel more of Katie’s POV
  • Visuals need to more strongly support audio clips; we need more “behavior” shots of Jenny and Katie, separately and together
  • Katie needs to discuss her childhood, both in terms of Jenny’s disability and in terms of her depression.
  • Ideas: Shots of Katie at Ex’pression, shots of Katie’s personal effects, Jenny’s personal effects (posters on the wall, collages she’s made)
  • TOO STATIC: We need more motion (hand-held camera, follow Katie around, Katie and Jenny moving around the frame)
  • Find and add appropriate music and sound effects to support the story